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‘Girl you are better than me’: Customer gets a ‘makeup order’ from Jersey Mike’s. Then, she gets called a ‘liar’

'I work at Jersey Mike’s and you were 100% right.'


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Posted on Feb 20, 2024   Updated on Feb 20, 2024, 2:52 pm CST

A Jersey Mike’s customer took to TikTok to find out whether she was in the right when she complained about her sandwich order being wrong.

TikToker Brooklyn Jones (@brooklynjonesss5) filmed the clip to document an out-of-hand interaction with a Jersey Mike’s worker. The video has been viewed over 526,000 times as of publication.

“I want to know what y’all’s opinion on this situation that just went down at Jersey Mike’s. Let me give you guys a little backstory. Starting off, I’m a picky eater. The last time I went to Jersey Mike’s, I got my sandwich, and it was covered in lettuce. I don’t eat lettuce unless it’s in a salad. It tastes like grass with a bunch of water in it. I will not eat it,” Jones began.

According to Jones, when she arrived home, she discovered her sandwich was covered in lettuce. She said she immediately called the store to let them know. Then, she asked if she needed to come in to have it fixed or if she would get a makeup order the next time she went in. A worker informed her that she would be given a makeup order next time.

Unfortunately for Jones, lettuce on her sandwich was the least of her worries when it came to getting the makeup order.

“So today I decided for lunch that me and Bryson were going to have Jersey Mike’s, and I was going to use the free sandwich that I had. So when I got up to the counter, I let them know, ‘Hey I spoke with someone on the phone, and they told me I could have a makeup order. You guys able to do this, or do I have to wait for a manager to comes in?'” Jones narrated.

The worker she was speaking to went into the back to check to see if they could honor the makeup order. While they were away, another employee allegedly interjected and said, “‘We’re not going to be able to do that for you. I don’t know why somebody would tell you that, but we can’t do that.'”

“I didn’t even talk to this lady. She just randomly put herself into the conversation,” Jones explained.

When the other employee returned and let Jones know they’d honor her makeup order, the employee who was telling her no allegedly lost her cool. Jones said the employee proceeded to accuse Jones of being a “liar.”

What the Jersey Mike’s worker didn’t realize is that the entire restaurant could hear her, Jones said. “In front of all the customers—we all heard it. I look at her, and I say, ‘I have my gift card right here, and if need be, I can pay for it right now. I can wait for a manager to come in,'” Jones said.

Luckily, the other two workers were much more sympathetic and insisted she take her sandwich, Jones said. Afterward, Jones said she called the manager and could hear the same employee insulting her and demanding that the manager hang up the phone. Due to the interaction, Jones said she decided to take her issue to corporate.

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Users overwhelmingly took Jones’ side.

“People saying just pick it off. … I could just pick it off, but there is a taste that gets left with the food because of the water/juice from said item,” one shared.

“When I worked at McDonald’s we had a binder of customers who complained abt their order and wanted a makeup order so the next time they came we would know. idk if jersey Mike’s is the same but I wouldn’t think it’s any different,” another added.

Even a worker at the chain took her side, saying, “I work at Jersey Mike’s and you were 100% right and they should honor it.”

Customer service has, according to NPR, degraded since the pandemic. According to the National Customer Rage Survey, 74% of Americans claimed to have had product or service problems in the past year.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jones via email and Jersey Mike’s via contact form for further comment.

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*First Published: Feb 20, 2024, 10:00 pm CST