Jack in the Box worker opn carries gun during night shift; jack in the box sign

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‘Don’t try to mess around at this location’: Jack In the Box customers divided over drive-thru worker who open carries

“Minimum wage for that is CRAZY.”


Kahron Spearman


A trending TikTok video uploaded by the shows a Jack in the Box drive-thru worker who open carries—even at work.

The video from user user djspindizzy prompts a question through its caption: “What neighborhood would you find this fast food spot at?” In the overlays, he writes, “Went to Jack in the crack and noticed something unusual.” The video shows a sidearm is shown on the hip of a Jack in the Box employee. “Don’t try to mess around at this location,” he continues.

@djspindizzy what neighborhood would you find this fast food spot at? 🤔 #opencarry #fastfood #secondammendment ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

The 26-second clip with more than 814,000 views unfolds with a brief yet potent exchange. It begins with a question, “Is that the 45 or 9?” She responds that it is the latter, and explains why it’s necessary as she provides his Jack in the Box order: “Yeah, it gets crazy at night.”

The video sparked intrigue and discussions among TikTok commenters.

One woman commented: “I fully support pew pew open carry.” Another person agreed, “Smart, especially working late shifts.” A third person joked, “She really out here flipping Burgers with the Burner. Not talking about the stove in the back either.”

As one user wrote, “No security at night for these 24-hour restaurants, worse for the one that the dining room is open. It’s scary at night; 911 can’t come on time.” Another person claimed he “went to a local pizza place & the guy making the pizza had a Kimber .45 in a shoulder rig on.” 

One user questioned the value of the job, given the potential for danger: “Minimum wage for that is CRAZY.” Another said, “Yeah, probably not great to draw attention to her firearm. Surprised that [employer is] allowing it, but probably Texas.”

The interaction likely took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, a state where it is legal to carry a gun without a permit, and where the user appears to live. Anyone aged 18 or over can openly carry it almost anywhere in the state. However, the rules do include some fine print.

Open carry has been the subject of controversy online. Last year, a North Carolina woman open carrying recorded Sam’s Club employees asking her to leave due. In 2020, a woman went viral after filming Trump supporters carrying assault rifles.

The Daily Dot reached out to djspindizzy via TikTok comment.

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