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Customer shares Walmart, Target items you can get for cheaper at Dollar Tree

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A viral new spin on shopping “hauls” has given viewers a dozen budget-friendly alternatives to similar, more expensive items found at retailers like Target and Walmart.

Heading into a Cincinnati Dollar Tree that one viewer called “a Dollar Forest,” TikToker Paige Moeller (@paige.moeller) highlighted several of her favorite “Dollar Tree dupes,” including $5 throw blankets that cost double at Target. 

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Among her other finds were candlestick holders whose Target counterparts cost $20. “These ones are pretty simple, but you could easily DIY them to make them look a little bit more nice,” Moeller explained in her video, which has been viewed over 260,000 times since it was posted on Sept. 20.

Shower and beauty items made up a large portion of Moeller’s Dollar Tree finds, including a $1.25 body scrubber (located in the store’s dish section) that easily beat out Target’s $10 scrubbers, and 700-count hair elastics that can save shoppers a few bucks. Addressing quality concerns about Dollar Tree hair elastics, Moeller said they “break just as much as any other ones.” 

Shampoo massagers and gel eye pads, typically costing five to six dollars more at Target and T.J. Maxx, can be found in abundance at Dollar Tree for the standard $1.25. A popular favorite with viewers was the Ioni lash sets, which one claimed felt like expensive, quality lashes.

“There’s always weird, unique, cool lashes here that you could try without breaking the bank,” Moeller shared. “The ones at Target are four to seven dollars.”

Kitchen finds rounded out Moeller’s video, with cheap wine glasses for those “balling on a budget” and various kitchen utensils like pizza cutters and can openers, which viewers provided another warning on. 

“Get the can opener at target or walmart. Trust me. Made the mistake 4x buying it at dollar tree,” one viewer revealed.

Others shared their own Dollar Tree dupes in the comments, including plates and bowls, potholders, pimple patches, and deodorant. 

“Dollar Tree is just a cheap reseller that don’t brand their products,” a viewer observed. “Other big box stores pay to put their name on the box and you pay for it.” 

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