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‘Now I’m out $1,000’: Instacart shopper accepts $60 Costco order that’s over 20 miles away. She fell and broke her phone

'Wish i could Venmo you to help, but I’m in the same boat.'


Beau Paul


Posted on Jul 7, 2023

Instacart driver and TikToker @jessicahiggs3’s day was off to a good start. Or so she thought. The mother of two lucked into what was going to be a lucrative order. But now she’s probably out around $1,000.

“I just took an Instacart order that ultimately costed [sic] me $1,000,” she said at the start of her two-minute TikTok. Jessica, who was driving in the Chatanooga, Tennessee metro area accepted an offer at the start of her day that promised to pay over $60. The delivery would require her from driving from Costco to the customer’s residence over 20 miles away but she believed the extra mileage would be worth the big payout.

“A lot of people wouldn’t have taken this but I have two kids’ birthdays coming up and I want to go on vacation with them to the beach so I’m hustling my money,” she explained. “I just need the money.”

Jessica picked up the items in her order and proceeded to the customer’s home. Just as she got on the road it began raining. It seemed like a bad omen to her but she convinced herself to carry on. She reached the house and went to drop off her order but as she got to the door things went south.


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“I go up to deliver and I slip and fall,” she said. According to her, the surface of the entry was brick with no traction that had been made slick by the rain. “And my phone is in my back pocket,” Jessica said, noting that she needed her phone’s camera to take a picture of the delivery.

She ended up falling down a series of steps after which she said: “My butt and back are killing me. I’m pretty sure I’m bruised all the way up and my phone is shattered.”

“Now I’m soaking wet, my back and butt is bruised, and I’m out $1,000 on my phone.”

Jessica ended her video by saying that she is hoping that she can repair the phone herself. “I’m holding hope for it but … what a day!” It’s received more than 187,000 views in the week it’s been live.

We’ve reached out to Jessica about her injuries, and Instacart to see if there are any plans to cover drivers’ devices in this situation.

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*First Published: Jul 7, 2023, 6:00 pm CDT