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‘Just show me where the stuff is’: Customer calls out Instacart driver who never delivered her order. The driver asked her to meet at the police station

‘We are out $300.’


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A customer is outraged and in search of an Instacart driver named Mikayla, who reportedly never delivered her order. She says Mikayla asked her to meet at the police station to discuss the missing items.

TikTok user Hannah (@hanzcakess) posted a video on Saturday in which she discussed the situation. “Hi, if your name is Mikayla and you’re an Instacart driver, or you have a friend named Mikayla that is an Instacart driver in Gulf Shores, Alabama, this message is for you.”

Hannah starts off by showing a screenshot of Mikayla’s Instacart profile photo. “You’re honestly really pretty, Mikayla, and I hope you’re not playing me right now,” Hannah says. 

Hannah then reveals that Mikayla found everything on the shopping list, including the pack ‘n play for Hannah’s toddler. She says many of the items on the list were for her kids because her family was just on an eight-hour road trip. “We forgot our pack ‘n play at home,” she says. “We need somewhere for my one-year-old to sleep where she will be safe.”

Something went wrong at checkout, however. For reasons unbeknown to Hannah, the Instacart app shows that Mikayla refunded the pack ‘n play and then completed the order. Hannah says she immediately contacted Mikayla to find out what was wrong.

“You told me that the box for the pack ‘n play was too beat up, and so you couldn’t scan it,” Hannah says. “I told you that you could ask an employee for help. And you were like, ‘Look, I can give you the receipts. I didn’t steal anything.’ And I said, ‘I’m not accusing you, OK?’”

Hannah says she then got a notification at 7:52pm that the order was delivered. “We were pulling in our driveway at 8:00. We should’ve passed each other,” Hannah says. “I pull in my driveway, and I notice there’s nothing on the driveway. There’s no things here.”

In disbelief, Hannah says she called Instacart and was told that the company got in contact with Mikayla, who reportedly said she left the items at a black-and-white building. Hannah says she demanded that Mikayla return and point to the house where she delivered the items. “So then they transfer me to the missing items people, and they tell me they actually can’t get in touch with you,” Hannah says. “So now my beef is not only with Mikayla, but it’s also with Instacart.”

Hannah says Instacart eventually promised her a refund, but she was told it would take five to seven business days. “Y’all, we’re on our first day of vacation,” Hannah says. She also says the app doesn’t show the full amount her card was actually charged.

“We are on our first day of our weeklong vacation,” Hannah says. “We are out $300. $130 of that spent toward children’s items that we have to go buy again, and we will not see that money back until we’re back home from vacation.”

@hanzcakess Pls help me find this woman and never use @Instacart again 😭😭😭 #momtok #momfail #momlife #helpme ♬ original sound – Hannah

The video has amassed more than 28 million views as of this writing. In the comments section, viewers weighed in on the situation.

One viewer blamed Instacart, writing, “They should’ve offered to have the order put in again.”

Somebody else wrote, “isn’t it cute how they can *immediately* remove the money from our accounts but there’s no way to get it back that fast.”

In a follow-up video, Hannah says that Mikayla responded in a TikTok video that has since been deleted with a photo of the house where she says the app directed her to leave the items. Hannah is able to find the house, but it doesn’t appear that anyone is staying there at the moment. Hannah then reveals that Mikayla told her she would report Hannah to the police because people on TikTok are threatening her and her family over this situation. Hannah asks that people stop doing that.

In another follow-up video, Hannah says she went to Target and got all of the items in her original Instacart order. She still disputes Mikayla’s version of events and says Mikayla has said she will file a police report for harassment. Hannah denies that she has harassed or defamed anyone. “I don’t know what you would press charges against me for,” she says. “I’m not slandering. I’m not defaming. I have the right to free speech.”

She also thanks Instacart competitor Shipt, whose marketing team sent her family a new pack ‘n play. In the comments section, Shipt writes, “So glad we could help out, Hannah! Hope your family enjoys the vacation.”

In another follow-up video, Hannah further details the argument with Mikayla. “She told me she was at the police station filing a report against me earlier this morning,” Hannah says. “And I told her just come down here and show me where the stuff is.” After a back-and-forth, Hannah says Mikayla informed her there would be a deputy coming to her house.

A police officer did drive by Hannah’s home, but when asked why, he reportedly said he was merely doing a bit of sightseeing and wasn’t aware of anything going on on TikTok.

Online disputes between Instacart drivers and customers are common. A couple of years ago, a shopper went viral after calling out a customer for lying about not receiving an item. In another case, a customer sparked internet outrage after claiming a shopper tampered with their order.

The Daily Dot reached out to Hannah and Instacart via email for comment. It attempted to reach Mikayla via TikTok direct message and comment.

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