In-N-Out cashier handling rush alone

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‘I know this man is DYING inside’: Viewers defend In-N-Out cashier after crowd shows up at midnight. He’s the only one at the register

'I would quit. I would say I'm going to the bathroom and then, not come back.'


Eric Webb


Posted on Sep 11, 2023

It’s all there in the name—when you go to In-N-Out, you expect to experience the “fast” in fast food. A recent viral video, though, shows a worker at the restaurant chain being tested to the limit.

Creator Everett Mathews (@evmat995) posted the TikTok video on Aug. 19. As of Monday, the video has amassed 1.6 million views and 177,000 comments.

@evmat995 Dude is soloing this entire mob at midnight #fyp ♬ original sound – evmat995

“This poor dude,” the text overlay on the video reads. In the nine-second clip, an In-N-Out employee can be seen manning the order counter alone—there are two empty registers—as a huge line of customers stretches out the door of the busy restaurant.

“Dude is soloing this entire mob at midnight,” Mathews wrote in the caption. The video was geotagged in Auburn, California, about 33 miles northeast of Sacramento. According to the In-N-Out website, there’s one location in Auburn, on Grass Valley Highway.

One commenter spoke for everyone who’s ever been to an In-N-Out, writing, “So does every in n out just look like that.”

A few viewers tried to suggest that soloing a rush like the one depicted in the video was no big deal. One viewer wrote, “In n out has like 5 things on the menu he’ll be fine.”

But by and large, viewers jumped in the comments section to defend the cashier and express their sympathy for fighting a fast food battle.

Someone commented, “One counter orders with a line to the door is wild.”

“I work at in n out and I know this man is DYING inside,” a viewer commented.

“I’m actually curious as to what people think when they see a line like this and they go, oh yyyyea can’t wait to wait in this line for 20 minutes,” another viewer commented. Mathews replied, “Dude went home and probably cried.”

“Average lunch rush at in n out,” a person added.

“He deserves a raise. If that was me I’d have an anxiety attack,” one comment read.

“Being understaffed and in this situation at 9 pm on a school night had me questioning life,” another comment read.

“I worked at in n out. This was normal and also sucked,” someone commiserated.

“I would quit. I would say I’m going to the bathroom and then, not come back,” one person confessed.

“Respect Sir I hope you are having a well deserved rest,” another viewer commented.

There might be some solace in knowing that the cashier in the video is probably being compensated somewhat well. TikTok creators have recently taken to the app to remind viewers that In-N-Out is known for its comparatively high wages, with cashiers making around $20 an hour.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mathews via TikTok and In-N-Out via email.

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*First Published: Sep 11, 2023, 3:36 pm CDT