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‘Bros definitely guna get got by the government at this point’: Customer shares how to still get the 4 for $4 at Wendy’s after it gets rid of the deal

'They will not be happy with me.'


Phil West


Posted on Apr 21, 2023   Updated on Apr 22, 2023, 9:33 am CDT

If you’re feeling dismay that you can’t get a 4 for $4 deal at Wendy’s, a TikTok is sharing a secret for how to—in a sense—achieve what you thought you could no longer have.

Declaring himself “the President of the Fast Food Secrets Club,” TikToker @jordan_the_stallion8 said—stitching to the TikTok that helped him learn this—”It’s been brought to my attention that the Wendy’s four for four doesn’t exist anymore.”

His video went up on March 27, generating more than 2.7 million views since he first shared the secrets there.

“Now, it’s called the $5 Biggie Bag and they don’t even give you five items,” he remarks. “And with tax, it ends up being like $7. So it just makes no sense. So I will share with you guys a Wendy’s fast food secret.”

He then adds, ominously, “They will not be happy with me.”

@jordan_the_stallion8 #stitch with @daiquiriheiress #fypシ ♬ original sound – Jordan_The_Stallion8

He then lays out what to do. “All you have to do is order a four-piece chicken nugget combo; that ends up being about $4. Take the receipt and fill out the survey. You don’t actually have to fill out the survey: Just keep clicking ‘continue’ till it’s over. Then they give you a free burger every single time you have a receipt with a survey filled out. It’s a free burger every time; there’s no limit. Then just ask for a side of bacon. You have your four for four.”

Initial reactions included concern for the safety of such a Keeper of Secrets.

“Bros definitely guna get got by the government at this point,” one joked,

“They will have to go through me,” said another commenter valuing Jordan’s intel.

“We need to keep this guy safe,” another added.

Yet another, in the spirit of those comments, said, “Protect this man at all cost.”

Others weighed in on their Wendy’s experiences, including those who took his advice.

“I get that meal 3 x a week and it’s always $5.46,” one said. “It’s da best.”

“If you do the surveys, give them all top marks,” advised another. “Corporate takes low marks out on the employees at the store level.”

Someone in Conroe, Texas reported that the 4 for $4 still exists there, “and the 5 biggie bag and a 6 dollar Texas biggie bag.”

Another person claimed, “You can upgrade the 4 for $4 to a large fry & drink for like $1.50.”

Though many appreciated the info on Wendy’s, one commenter wanted more—a specific kind of more.

“I need to give you ya roses now, sir. But can you do Pizza Hut and Whataburger? Then I’ll write ya name in scrolls.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and Wendy’s via email.

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*First Published: Apr 21, 2023, 10:48 pm CDT