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‘Lot of them are starting to be unmarked’: Expert shares how to spot undercover cop cars in your neighborhood

'look out for cars parked in random places they shouldn't be…'


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Posted on Dec 28, 2023   Updated on Dec 29, 2023, 2:45 pm CST

In a trending video amassing over 197,600 views, TikTok user Drew (@drews.worldd) shares a concise guide on identifying undercover cop cars. He asserts, “I’m about to show you guys a couple of different ways that you can spot undercover cop cars,” addressing a supposed increased presence of these vehicles around the holiday season. Drew explains, “Because around holiday season, I always notice way more cop cars, and a lot of them are starting to be unmarked.”

Drew’s tips include recognizing government vehicle license plates, which “always starts with GV,” at least in his state of Georgia. He emphasizes this with a personal anecdote, “And this is a picture I literally took like 30 minutes ago.” However, he also warns that “not all undercover cop cars have the GV license plate,” especially if the car is seized from civilian use.

Another visual cue Drew points out in the video is the lack of roof racks on SUVs commonly used by the police: “Police cars always have the roof racks removed at the top.” He illustrates this with evidence, “Even the car that I took a picture of earlier, look, there’s no racks at the top.” Lastly, he mentions the potential presence of circular appendages, which might be sensors or auxiliary lights, “like, kind of circular things sticking off the sides that kind of look like lights.”

How to spot an undercover cop car

Drew’s advice is candid and region-specific, concluding with a disclaimer: “I’m just speaking for Georgia, so I’m not 100% sure about every other state.” His insights are an entry into the broader understanding of unmarked police vehicles used by law enforcement agencies. These vehicles are integral to covert operations and have features that make them indistinguishable from civilian vehicles.

One commenter wrote, “A lot of undercover cop cars have the license plate starting with ‘P’ and most have 2-3 extra antennas on the back, or the roof, little badge that says like interceptor where it would say the model of the car, and least in [Idaho] and [Washington.].”

Another sharp commenter wrote, “Also look out for cars parked in random places they shouldn’t be…grass, entrance to a subdivision, side of the road, etc.”

“Bro never been to Florida… literally saw a SRT jeep as an undercover pulled over a [BMW] M340i,” said one person. But Drew responded: “Nah, I’ve seen ones like that; if they’re seized vehicles, they don’t need a tag or label. [Georgia] got GT500 Mustang cops, too.”

Regarding the lighting Drew mentions, another commenter notes, “The circular things are spotlights so they can flash a light into the car.”

The video is a snapshot of community-shared knowledge, reflecting personal observations and collective experiences with law enforcement tactics. Drew’s guidelines underscore the importance of vigilance and awareness, especially in areas with high undercover police activity.

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As unmarked police vehicles continue to be a critical aspect of law enforcement strategy, the public’s ability to recognize these vehicles plays into the more extensive dialogue of safety, awareness, and legal implications. Drew’s TikTok video, while a brief glimpse into this world, provides a starting point for individuals to understand and engage more critically with their surroundings. His closing note, “Yeah. I hope that helped y’all,” encapsulates the spirit of sharing helpful information for communal benefit.

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*First Published: Dec 28, 2023, 5:00 am CST