Woman shares how to get refund for delayed flight

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‘If your delay is over 3 hours for domestic flights’: Southwest Airlines passenger shares how to get refund for delayed flight

‘So you get ur money back and you can still fly that same flight?’


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One of the most frustrating aspects of travel can be just how little is within a passenger’s realm of control.

However, with a new rule implemented by the Department of Transportation, airline passengers who face delays greater than three hours, cancellations, and significant changes to their flights could see a speedy refund from the airline.

The final ruling from the Biden-Harris administration was shared in April and officially goes into effect in October. However, some airlines have started honoring the new law early.

One passenger says she was taking a flight via Southwest Airlines, and had a delay of over three hours, one of several cases outlined in the new rule. She says she asked for a refund, as opposed to a flight credit or another form of credit with the airline.

In the video posted to TikTok by user @dreamvacations4all in April, she says her refund is expected to be processed within about a week.

“So regardless if you book on another flight or they redirect you on another flight, none of that matters,” she says in the clip. “If your delay is over three hours for domestic flights, you will get a refund. The refunds are processed through corporate. They’re not processed here at the airport.”

She says the refund process is relatively new to the airline, and that it has not always been offered to passengers dealing with extended delays.

“They also said that the process is pretty new to them. They’re just learning about it,” she explains.

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She says she was told corporate was “monitoring the flight delays as they happen,” and that passengers will get a follow-up email.

“But don’t wait for that email,” she advises. “Always go to the desk, get the QR code, scan the QR code, and start the refund process. So it sucks my flight is severely delayed, but run me my money back. Thank you.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @dreamvacations4all via TikTok direct message, as well as to Southwest Airlines via email regarding the video.

What is the new refund rule?

There are several cases of airline issues passengers might face covered in the new rule governing when airlines must provide refunds. The rule seeks to clarify what kind of flight changes warrant a refund, which may have historically been difficult to get from some airlines, depending on their policies.

Under the new rule, the following changes can result in a cash refund—not cash in hand, but a refund without haggling over whether a customer might accept a flight credit instead—including domestic flights delayed more than three hours, international flights delayed more than six hours, changes in location of departure or arrival airports, if more connections are added to a flight, and downgrades to different class or service than what a customer paid for.

Customers will also no longer need to file a claim in order to receive a refund, under the policy. Credit card refunds must be provided within seven business days, and other forms of payment in 20 calendar days.

The poster shared that she not only sought and received her refund, but that the airline rebooked her for a later flight at no cost to her—this was a major point of interest among viewers, who commented on the video asking for additional clarification.

“Wait!!! So you get ur money back and you can still fly that same flight?” one commenter wrote.

“You got a refund, but will you be charged for the latter flight you are taking?” another asked.

“Do you get a refund and still fly?” one said. “Or is the refund the equivalent of being cancelled? it would be awesome if it’s a refund and still get to fly later.”

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