Hilton guest opens the door to the room she booked. It’s a conference room

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‘Imagine you wake up in the regional sales meeting’: Hilton guest opens the door to the room she booked. It’s a conference room

'There’s a meeting in my bedroom.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Oct 2, 2023

TikToker @_itspiedy was a bit surprised after using her Hilton key card to gain access to the room she booked at one of the hotel chain’s locations.

Instead of a standard suite one would expect to find, including a bathroom with amenities, TV, sofa, and freshly made bed, she strolled right into a conference room.

She recorded the mix-up in a viral TikTok that’s gained over 102,000 views as of Monday, adding a caption that reads, “This has to be a joke … a conference room? @hilton this is not what i booked.”

@_itspiedy This has to be a joke … a conference room? @hilton this is not what i booked. #fyp #whatisthis #iamoverit #exploremore #hilton #makeitmakesense ♬ original sound – the Princess

The video begins with her standing outside of a room that reads “Sycamore Suite,” which sounds pretty fancy. Upon keying in, however, @_itspiedy is greeted with an 11-seat conference room table with a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall.

“I’m screaming, I am f*cking dead up in here, y’all,” she adds.

What seems even stranger, is that to the right of her room is a full bed and bathroom to the right of the conference room, effectively giving her a 2-room suite with a ton of living space.

Several viewers remarked how bizarre they, too, thought the layout was.

“Nah they wiiiild for this. imagine you wake up in the regional sales meeting,” one TikToker wrote.

Someone else highlighted the strangeness of the Sycamore Suite, writing, “There’s a meeting in my bedroom.”

It turns out other folks had similar experiences in their travels.

“Checked into a room by myself in Chicago just like this one time! I ate dinner in the conference room,” one person said.

Another former hotel worker said that they, too, have given rooms like these to guests, but that they notify them prior to checking in.

“Worked at a hotel, it’s always the last room to sell & we let them know before they go in,” they said.

@_itspiedy said that they weren’t given any prior notification before checking in, however.

“She [the receptionist] didn’t even mention it all which is why i was so confused…” she wrote.

It looks like her viral post ultimately helped her secure a suite more to her liking, as she posted about the “power of social media” in a follow-up TikTok showing herself in a room that looked less like a place where you’d conduct divorce proceedings.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Hilton via email and @_itspiedy via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Oct 2, 2023, 5:36 pm CDT