Teacher under investigation for her “crunk” Twitter account

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Carly McKinney, 23, allegedly posted scantily clad photos and tweeted about getting high before school using the Twitter name @crunk_bear.

A high school teacher in Denver has some explaining to do after someone found provocative pictures on her Twitter account.

Carly McKinney, 23, is under investigation by her school district after a viewer tipped KUSA-TV that her Twitter account contained half-naked photos of herself on school grounds and tweets about illegal drugs. She tweeted under the name CarlyCrunkBear (@crunk_bear), but the account has since been deleted.

Tweets on the unprotected Twitter account included one insinuating that she was high while grading papers and another claiming she was in possession of marijuana.

“Watching a drug bust go down in the parking lot. It’s funny cuz I have weed in my car in the staff parking lot,” she wrote.

Other tweets included “instead of being productive, I’ve been on Twitter…” and another tweet calling one of her students “jailbait.” Photos of herself in precarious positions while topless were also posted.

When the local NBC affiliate McKinney regarding her Twitter page, she said it was a parody created by her and a friend. She said she wasn’t aware of some of the tweets being posted and denies having drugs on campus.

McKinney is scheduled to meet with school officials Tuesday to determine the status of her job with Overland High School. 

UPDATE: She’s on administrative leave, according to KUSA. “McKinney said she was not allowed to speak to the media without permission from school administrators.”

More pics below. Warning: NSFW at the bottom.

Listening to @diplo in the shower leads to this… #expressyourself #whitegirlass #twerk #twerkteam

Photo via KUSA-TV. Photos via @crunk_bear.

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