hand pointing to sign on door that reads 'Employees Only' (l) cleaning supplies unorganized in closet with Airbnb logo at bottom with caption 'I'm so mad!!! Freaking AirBnB people got in locked AirBnB closet. They found a key. I normally hide the key pretty well, and they found it.' (c) Persil laundry soap with very little inside container over washing machine (r)

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‘I guess they got their money’s worth for the cleaning fee’: Airbnb cleaner complains that guests broke into the cleaning closet—it backfires

'You have to admit, some of the cleaning fees are ridiculous.'


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Mar 24, 2023   Updated on Mar 24, 2023, 7:14 am CDT

The sharing economy has revolutionized the way we travel, with platforms like Airbnb allowing people to experience new destinations and cultures in a more personal and affordable way. However, with this convenience come certain risks and responsibilities, and a recent TikTok video has highlighted some of the challenges faced by both Airbnb hosts and their guests.

In the video, which has since gone viral, user @mrsmessytiktok complains about guests who broke into an Airbnb host’s cleaning closet, causing a mess and allegedly taking some of the cleaning supplies that were stored inside.

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The TikToker appears to clean Airbnb houses for a living and documents the process on TikTok. In this clip, she expresses frustration over the guests’ actions, saying, “They got into the supply cabinet, that was perfectly organized, they made a huge mess, they took the stuff out of there.” She explains how the guests somehow found the key to the closet that she had hidden somewhere inside the house.

She also mentions that some of the cleaning supplies, such as dishwasher packs and Persil laundry detergent, were taken by the guests. She ended the TikTok by sharing, “People if you’re staying at the AirBnB house do not open the cabinet that says Employees Only, please.”

While the TikToker made the video to highlight the importance of respecting boundaries and rules set by the host, the comments section quickly turned against her, with many commenters complaining about the high cleaning fees charged by Airbnb hosts.

One user, @soundsofrain8, quipped, “I guess they got their money’s worth for the cleaning fee.”

Another commenter, @ms_evy88, wrote, “But you have to admit, some of the cleaning fees are ridiculous but not condoning what they did.”

User @bronzeskoda79 left a similar comment speculating that the guests “wanted to get their moneys worth” for the expensive cleaning fees that Airbnb hosts charge.

However, there were still users who offered sympathy to the TikToker.

User @ambularrrr89 commented, “Damn these people wrecked havoc on this place. I hope there is something you can do.” 

Another viewer @Bambifx, who cleans Airbnb properties, also expressed their sympathy, stating, “This is the worst, especially if you’re cleaning a house and now you have to make a run to the store with a short window.”

User @itsmeyarelis also chimed in, saying, “If y’all don’t like the cleaning fees DONT BOOK.”

Several viewers called for the Airbnb host to charge the guests for the mess they made and the cleaning supplies they allegedly took. The TikToker replied in a comment that the owner did indeed end up charging the guests.

The DailyDot reached out to @mrsmessytiktok via their email and to Airbnb via their press email.

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*First Published: Mar 24, 2023, 7:13 am CDT