Woman finds something unusual in can of green beans

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‘They’re gonna lie to u when they test it’: Woman finds something unusual in can of green beans



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Have you ever accidentally almost eaten a severed finger while munching on some green beans you raw-dogged straight from the can?

That’s what a lot of people think happened with TikToker Sophia Bella (@ms.margaritaville).

She shared her very unique experience in a series of viral TikTok videos.

“Longest [expletive] night ever. I’m eating my can of green beans,” she begins before asking. “What the [expletive] is that?”

She flips the camera around to show what appears to be an almost peach-colored object the size of a baby carrot, and it’s covered in black gunk.

Horrified, Bella admits that she has already eaten a significant amount of beans from the can before making the discovery. “I ate the majority of the [expletive] can until I felt that,” she says.

She puts the item on her kitchen counter as she walks around her home, holding her T-shirt up to her face. Her voice quavers. “Did I just eat a [expletive] rat you guys?” she asks. “I literally have goosebumps right now. What the [expletive] is that?”

@ms.margaritaville im traumatized, excuse the language. i tried to cut into it and it was flesh like and i hit something hard in the middle like cartilage/ bone. send help yall #psa #fda ♬ original sound – sophia bella

Bella took the matter to the FDA

In a follow-up video, Bella says she called the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to report the issue. “Filed like a consumer complaint, and they took my report,” she says.

Bella says the business that manufactures the canned green beans also reached out to her about the incident. Bella didn’t reveal the name of the company. But, according to Bella, the company is sending her testing materials to find out what the object was.

“I have to freeze whatever the [expletive] that was and ship it to them, so they can test and see what it is. And then we’re going from there… so,” she says.

She says she also threw the object away in distress.

“I had to dig through my trash to find that, because last night when I was having a meltdown, I threw it out. I couldn’t look at it. Re-seeing that. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to eat for another two to three business days,” she says.

@ms.margaritaville #stitch with @sophia bella ♬ original sound – sophia bella

The TikToker doesn’t feel well

As for what Bella thinks was in her green beans, she offers up what many would probably think is a worst-case scenario. “Why is it literally like a necrotized finger like, I swear to you it’s, I can’t,” she says.

In the latest video, Bella says she doesn’t really have much of an update, stating that she is reluctant to “disclose more information” on the issue until she finds out more from the company and the FDA. She also responded to commenters’ requests for wanting to see more close-up pictures of the finger. She says she vomited upon making the initial find. She says that because she doesn’t want to throw up again, she won’t oblige those requests.

Bella also clapped back at folks who said that she shouldn’t be eating canned green beans right out of the metal container. She says she grew up eating them as a snack all her life and would douse them in Frank’s Red Hot sauce. She says folks don’t ever have to worry about her doing that again as she is she is “traumatized” after the event.

Health-wise, the TikToker says she hasn’t been feeling “the best” since the incident and that she is going to book a doctor’s appointment in order to assess her health. And while she acknowledges the stress of making that find may have something to do with how she feels, she says she “seriously” doesn’t feel “so great.”

“I’m going to go into the grocery store where I purchased the can of green beans and just tell them that they might want to pull it from the shelves, because god forbid that happens to someone else. I don’t want someone to go through that because I seriously can’t eat right now. I’m literally … no appetite. So, yeah, that’s about the only update,” she says at the end of her clip.


im still in shock. i dont have many more details atm. this is the update i can give for now… ill let yall know when i do. (ignore my dogs noises in the background)

♬ original sound – sophia bella

Viewers have a warning

Several commenters warned Bella against sending the object to the company.

“DO NOT SEND THAT BACK please get a lawyer and test it yourself through them! They will take it, dispose of it and lie or never get back to you!” one exclaimed.

Viewers urged her to get it tested herself. “GIRL TEST IT YOURSELF THAT LOOKS LIKE A NECROTIZED FINGER,” another urged.

“Fr tho get a lawyer or your own sample before u send it back to them!” another recommended.

What do you do if you find a foreign object in packaged food?

Allen, Allen, Allen, & Allen, a personal injury law firm, recommends taking the steps if one finds a foreign object in their packaged food: “Stop eating immediately. Remove the foreign object from the food. Take pictures of the foreign object and the food. Save the food and the foreign object. Notify the restaurant or food establishment. File a complaint with the appropriate authorities. Consider legal action.”

“If you are injured or become ill after eating food that contained a foreign object, you may want to consider legal action,” the law firm suggests.

The Daily Dot reached out to Bella via TikTok comment for further information as well as to the FDA via email.

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