Goodwill customer says worker blocked her from buying ‘perfect rollerblades’ after sticker fell off; Goodwill store front

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‘I begged’: Goodwill customer says worker blocked her from buying ‘perfect rollerblades’ after sticker fell off

‘I would’ve left money and taken them.’


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A Goodwill customer went viral after she claimed that a worker refused to sell her a pair of rollerblades after the price sticker fell off.

TikToker Gigi (@peachym0mma) posted the short clip on Thursday, and it has received over 297,000 views as of publication.

In the 6-second video, Gigi films herself near the register while she purchases a pair of rollerblades.

@peachym0mma This made my week #goodwillfinds #meantaylorsversion ♬ original sound – bonnie ⛧

The text overlay explains the situation: “I found these perfect rollerblades at Goodwill two days ago, and the (not very kind) employee wouldn’t let me purchase them because the sticker fell off. I begged and was very heartbroken when she told me she’d had to take them to be reprocessed.”

Gigi also explains why she chose to capture the moment she returned to purchase her dream rollerblades: “Today I drove back 35 minutes back to the Goodwill, and they were still there. Same lady was working. She said, ‘Oh you’re the girl from the other day,’ and gave me a scoff and a glare. My petty a$s said, ‘Yep! I’m back.’”

After a quick shot of the worker, the clip concludes with Gigi walking out of Goodwill with her rollerblades and a big smile.

Many users defended Gigi’s pettiness, claiming that they’ve never been turned away for a missing sticker.

“My gw will just make up prices on the spot if there’s no sticker,” one said.

“I brought something to the register without a sticker and they just made up a price and slapped it on there,” another agreed.

“If I find something without a sticker at Goodwill, I find my own sticker with a price I like. F*ck em, they already got it for free,” a third said.

Some shared similar experiences of employees taking an item because it was missing its sticker: “I had an employee snatch the item out of my hands and put it back on the rack saying they couldn’t sell cause there’s no sticker….”

Multiple Goodwill employees remarked that items do not require reprocessing if a sticker goes missing.

“As someone who’s sitting on her break for her Goodwill shift right now we literally can go to the back and put a new sticker on,” one viewer explained.

“That’s so crazy I used to work at goodwill and all we have to do is go to the back and ask for a sticker,” a second agreed.

“Dude my old manager would have ‘processed’ them at the register. He woulda checked the cameras first to make sure nothing funny [was] going on tho,” a third added.

Goodwill has received a fair amount of criticism lately, especially regarding its prices. One customer recently went viral after calling the store “too greedy” for its prices. The company has also come under fire for several other issues, ranging from lack of employee training to exorbitant corporate salaries.

The Daily Dot contacted Gigi via TikTok comments and Goodwill via email for further information.

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