Goodwill shopper slams reseller for buying 'everything' in the store.

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‘The audacity of him buying stuff at a store!’: Goodwill shopper slams reseller for buying ‘everything.’ It backfires

‘Can you explain what exactly the problem is?’


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First come, first served, seems to be the golden rule when buying furniture at Goodwill. After one shopper allegedly noticed someone buying out the furniture section, they asked viewers on TikTok: Is this fair?

In the video, Maggie (@maggiemcgaugh) is seen at Goodwill by the furniture section. She shows viewers the furniture section and mentions that about 30 items have already been purchased by one man. Maggie also says that the man is standing by the door where they bring out new items and watching to see what comes out next so that he can have first dibs. Essentially, the man isn’t letting other folks buy furniture because he buys it all before anyone else can, according to Maggie.

“This is very clearly a reseller who just comes in here and buys everything,” she says. “Now, don’t get me wrong, I have definitely resold things before. Maybe one or two items per search. I don’t know. Do y’all think it should be allowed?”

She concludes, “Do y’all think that thrift stores should allow people to come in and buy almost everything and then leave it in the store with a sold sticker on it?”

The video has over 520,000 views and almost 5,000 comments as of Sunday.


The worst kind of person honestly

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Most folks in the comments think that Maggie shouldn’t jump to assumptions about the man’s intentions with the furniture and that if he got it first, then it’s fair game.

“Hes buying things??? at goodwill??? HOW DARE HE,” one viewer sarcastically states.

“What if he was buying for a family that lost everything in a fire. Don’t be so quick to judge,” points out another.

“Of course it should be allowed. So much of this stuff ends up in a landfill because no one buys it. If he got there first, and he’s going to take the time to resell it and make sure it stays out of,” notes another.

In fact, according to a study by the United States Protection Agency, in 2018 waste made up of furniture was 12.1 million tons. “A significant proportion (19.5 percent) of furniture and furnishings was combusted for energy recovery in 2018, but the majority of this product sector was landfilled (80.1 percent),” the study revealed.

While this man may seem to have a rather aggressive approach to buying furniture that doesn’t allow others to benefit from the wealth of cheap furniture at Goodwill, it seems that most agree it’s fair game.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Maggie for comment via her contact page on their website.

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