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Shake it with dancingdror

Dancingdror will shake it for you for $5 (safe for work).


Janet Kornblum


When Dror Mizrahi was a little kid, he invented “the fast chicken dance.”  Appropriately named, it involves pumping his arms like said bird and doing shaky things with his tush.

Little did he know it at the time, but the chicken dance would lead him to great fame and fortune — or at least a taste of fame and $5 a pop.

Mizrahi, 24, is becoming something of a sensation on the website, Fiverr, where people sell all kinds of stuff (everything from psychic readings to logo designs) for $5.

His thing? He does “the fast chicken dance” (he’s since spiced it up with some belly flourishes) and films himself doing so for a full, eventful, exciting 30 seconds.

Oh, and he paints whatever you want on his belly. Which happens to be rather furry.

The effect, well, you kind of have to see it to get it.

Because when people do see it, they do have to get it.

Recently, Helen Killer of Regretsy, the website dedicated to unfortunate items on crafting site Etsy, purchased just such a video (with 14,000 views and counting) of Mizrahi – or as he goes by on Fiverr, dancingdror – with a password painted on his undulating belly. (Decal in background added post production by Regretsy). 


Killer had been trying to get people to remember this password. It’s unclear whether the dance promoted the password successfully. But it’s certain that it promoted Mizrahi.

“In 3 hours I had 70 orders,” he said in an email interview. “Unbelievable.”

Mizrahi, 24 from Israel – where Fiverr is based – said his dancing career really got going when he was in a club “and tried to hit on a girl. After a short conversation she said that she can make any man watch her dance.”

“I said that I can do more then that and make people come to me to know how to dance like me. It worked :) And after some time I realized that my dancing is really funny and unique …. and make people happy and me too …. and very helpful to hit on girls :)”

A friend told him about Fiverr.

Mizrahi didn’t think it would work but his friend convinced him to give it a go. He did, although he refused to shave his chest hair as his friend suggested because “I told him that my chest hair is my power and no way I’m letting it go.”

Clearly, he made the right choice.

By the way, The Daily Dot has ordered our own video of the chicken dance. It might take awhile to deliver: Mizrahi now has 103 orders in queue. We’ll spread the word when we get it.

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