Customer shows how to get ‘CVS Rich’ by finding hidden deals in the store

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‘Got about $30. Not too bad’: Customer shows how to get ‘CVS Rich’ by finding hidden deals in the store

'This is a great hack for anyone who’s homeless and hungry.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Feb 12, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:43 pm CST

A CVS customer shared how she finds hidden deals in the store and gets “CVS rich.” 

“Getting rich by finding expired CVS products,” reads the text overlay on a video from TikTok user Emily Reidy (@emilyiscaffeinated). 

The TikToker films herself in the store, and launches into an explanation of her hack.

“OK guys, we’re back at CVS to find all the expired items to get CVS rich,” she says.

Emily holds up the first expired item. “So we got all the protein bars so far,” she says, adding the expiration date, “August 2023. That is disgusting.”

“More Quest products,” the TikToker says while throwing a box of Quest cookies into her basket. 

The video cuts to Emily in the checkout line. “I saw a sign that says you get like a coupon,” she appears to be telling the checkout clerk. “All right, thank you very much.” 

Emily then appears outside the store. “OK guys, let’s count them and see how rich we are.” Then she appears inside her car, counting the coupons. 

“OK, so I got one, two … eight. We got eight today. I’m like, could have been in there longer, but like, I was getting bored. Got about #30 at CVS. Not too bad,” she concludes.

Emily’s video received 2.1 million views as of Monday, and she had previously gone viral with a video where she tried the hack for the first time.

Viewers shared their enthusiasm for the CVS store hack in the comments. 

@emilyiscaffeinated Getting cvs rich #cvs #coupons ♬ original sound – Emily Reidy

“This is a great hack for anyone who’s homeless and hungry. I will pass the info along, thank you,” wrote one user.

“$30 at cvs is like $15 at a normal store, but that’s still good stuff for free,” said a second. Emily wrote back saying, “Just posted a video trying it in the dollar store,” and posted a follow-up video.

“If it says ‘best if used by’ and the date is passed does that work?” asked someone else. Emily replied, “Yes! Because they shouldn’t be selling products that are passed the best by.”

“Omg do u have to buy the stuff or is it just finding them,” wondered another user, to which Emily responded, “You just have to find them and they give you a 3.50 off coupon for each one.”

“I used to do this in CT. They only do this in a couple states. Can look up which states,” advised another CVS customer.

The Daily Dot reached out to Emily via Instagram direct message for further comment. 

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*First Published: Feb 12, 2024, 12:00 pm CST