Woman shares her Walmart-bought ice cream business out of her garage

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‘Imagine going to get ice cream and it’s great value’: Viewers divided over woman’s Walmart-bought ice cream business out of her garage

‘5 dollars for 2 scoops of great value ice cream is crazy.’


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Side hustle videos and unique entrepreneurial ventures are a very popular genre of videos on TikTok. The latest example comes from TikTok user @mslemaboss_89. She decided to turn her garage into an ice cream shop by reselling Walmart’s Great Value ice cream.

The video, posted on May 13, kicks off with a close-up shot of four flavors of Great Value ice cream: Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, and Strawberry. It’s accompanied by an on-screen caption that reads, “POV: you’re crazy enough to start an ice cream business from your garage!”

The TikToker then showcases a variety of toppings she’s purchased, along with other essential supplies like ice cream scoops and measuring cups.

@mslemaboss_89 also revealed she invested in a Vissani brand freezer. She captures sped-up footage of her husband unboxing the appliance in their garage.

The final setup? A table inside the garage with all necessary supplies, and an advertisement made from what looks like a repurposed clothing rack with two whiteboards attached to it. It’s decorated with balloons and colorful posters detailing the different ice cream flavors, pricing, and toppings.

@mslemaboss_89 oh don't mind me… 🙄 just launching another side hustle!💰 #summer #hustle #entrepreneur #icecream #kalemaskorner #hustleseason #fyp ♬ Moesha Diary – Laura

The reaction to the video was mixed. The pricing strategy—$3 for a single scoop, $5 for a double, and an additional quarter for each topping—has left some viewers unimpressed. “5 dollars for 2 scoops of great value ice cream is crazy,” one of them wrote.

Others couldn’t get past the brand: “Imagine going to get ice cream and it’s Great Value.”

Questions about legality also surfaced. “Is this legal? lol like do you have to get a permit/health inspection?” one commenter asked.

One neighbor wasn’t happy

Another viewer wrote, “My HOA would have my head.” In a follow-up video, the TikToker reveals that a neighbor had indeed complained to the homeowners association (HOA) about her new business venture.

She captioned the video, “Apparently one of my ‘neighbors’ made a complaint about me to the HOA,” further adding, “I swear even with good intentions, people will find a way to throw a wrench in your plans.”

This update further divided viewers. Some defended the TikToker, with one writing, “Why don’t people just mind their business? Like it’s not hard. Like how does it affect them?”

Permits and health inspections

However, others pointed out the necessity of permits and health inspections. According to one article, “Any prepackaged food product with potentially hazardous ingredients such as meat, cheese, rice, beans and even cooked vegetables, or any food that needs to be refrigerated usually requires a separately licensed commercial kitchen.”

Furthermore, running a home business can be against your local Homeowners Association (HOA) rules. Some residential areas have restrictions on home businesses, particularly those that can lead to increased traffic or require specific sanitation standards.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @mslemaboss_89 via TikTok comment and to Walmart via its media relations contact form.

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