Frontier flight attendant says they're trained to spot human trafficking

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‘The hairs on the back of my neck stood up’: Frontier flight attendant says they’re trained to spot human trafficking. She just did in Atlanta

‘Something is not right.’


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A flight attendant for Frontier Airlines said she spotted suspicious activity on a recent trip, which she suspected might be human trafficking. In a recent TikTok, she vented her frustrations regarding the situation. While the worker, Anna (@xoxoannamarayaxoxo), said she was fairly confident that the kids she spotted were in danger, she wasn’t able to convince law enforcement to do anything. 

Anna began her video by noting that she felt “so pissed right now.” She then gave readers a full story-time of the flight she worked on—which flew from Miami to Atlanta—where she spotted the supposed trafficking. As of Monday morning her clip had amassed more than 1 million views. 

Why was the flight attendant suspicious? 

Anna said she first noticed the children before they boarded the plane. Two kids were Black, she said; another was Mexican. She said that all three kids had “huge” winter jackets on, and, interestingly, “didn’t look anything like their ‘mom.’” Her suspicions heightened after the mom later asked to sit with the kids—who were already sharing a row on the plane. 

“I don’t know how that was going to happen,” Anna said. The worker conceded it was possible the mom wanted to hold one of the kids on her lap, but that all three kids were “too old to be a lap child.” 

Anna then alerted a co-worker to the “family’s” weirdness. Her co-worker, she said, was skeptical of the quartet as well and said she noticed bruising on one of the children’s faces. 

Anna said she then decided to try to talk to the kids. She said she wanted to gauge the mom’s reaction. 

“I go over there… and they have this blank stare,” Anna said. “The mom said, ‘They don’t speak English.’” 

Turns out they did, though. Anna asked the kids whether they knew where the flight was headed (Atlanta) and the kids shook their heads and said that they didn’t. Anna said she found it interesting that they didn’t know where they were headed and refused to take off their coats, despite the heat. 

“The second I saw them the hairs on the back of my neck stood up,” Anna said. Still wary, she said she decided to call her captain, who agreed to have law enforcement on stand-by when the plane landed. 

How did police react? 

Frustratingly, Anna said that the Atlanta Police Department wasn’t there when the plane first landed. At a later time, however, Anna said a “moron of a police officer” arrived. That’s when things got even weirder. 

Instead of taking action on his own, Anna said the officer asked her what she wanted him to do.


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“I’m like, ‘Sir, I’m trying to tell you… something is not right,’” Anna said as she pleaded with him. She told the officer that he “needed to investigate [the family].” The officer, she said, refused to pull the family aside to ask any questions. Instead, he just asked the trio of kids and their mom whether they were all OK. (Anna recorded the officer briefly speaking to the “mom” and uploaded it to TikTok separately. That clip has nearly 50,000 views.)

In the end, Anna said she’s unclear what happened to the kids. She expressed frustration that the officer wouldn’t help further and has uploaded videos to TikTok hoping to expose him.

Anna said the entire situation made her angry. She said other passengers were giving her “death stares.”

Still, she said the situation convinced her to speak up when she sees strange activity. 

“I wanted to save those children because I know for a fact that they needed help,” she said. 

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Viewers encourage further action 

In the comment section, viewers chastised the police officer called to the scene.

“Most of these cops are crooked,” read the top-liked comment on Anna’s video. 

“Unacceptable behavior from the officer, he should no longer have a job,” a second viewer said.

Others applauded for her having the courage to speak up.

“Never second guess,” one viewer said. “You know what you are seeing in your heart.”

“I’m proud of you! We need more people like you,” another added. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Anna via TikTok comment and to Frontier Airlines and the APD by email.

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