Ford driver issues ‘de influencing’ warning about the Bronco

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‘I feel like the new Toyota Land Cruiser is like a reliable bronco’: Ford driver issues ‘de-influencing’ warning about the Bronco

‘Everything you said can also be applied to a Jeep Wrangler.’


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If you’ve been thinking about getting a Ford Bronco, you might want to watch this video first. One owner shares their frustrations with the car in a “deinfluencing” video.

In the video, Kailia Lopez (@kailia_lopez) walks viewers through all the reasons why they don’t enjoy their Ford Bronco.

“This is the truth about having a Bronco. I keep seeing everyone and their mom’s talking about ‘oh my god I want one so bad’ But nobody actually talks about what it’s like to have one, so I’m gonna de-influence you,” Lopez starts the video off saying.

Then, with the list as the backdrop to the video, they walk us through all their grievances about the Bronco. The list varies from the buying process, like not being able to lease it and the two-year wait time to get the car, to issues while driving the car like loud road noises, issues with the screen, Bluetooth, and gas quantity, amongst other problems.

Lopez ends the video by saying, “Again that’s just my experience, but I’m actually trying to get rid of this car.”

The video has over 820,000 views as of Saturday.

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Viewers are divided

Some viewers in the comments agree with Lopez and have had similar experiences with the Bronco.

“Same girl! I had mine for 6months and the summer months in it were horrible. My screen would go black randomly too, my kids hated the back seats. The road noise Now I have a 4Runner 40th anniversary,” one comment read.

“Mines broke down 4 diff[e]rent times and it is a 2022,” another wrote.

But a majority of viewers with Broncos disagreed with Lopez.

“I’ve had my Bronco for 2 years and have none of these issues,” one person commented.

“I have a Bronco and None of these issues. I have the soft-top, and 35” tires, I don’t hear road noise(?). The only complaint I have is when the Top is Off the seat belts SLAP against the seats,” mentioned another.

“Aside from spending a lot on gas (which I knew before buying) I don’t have a single one of these issues. Everyone that rides in my bronco immediately says they can’t believe how quiet it is,” another echoed.

It’s unclear if the issues Lopez mentioned are standard or just glitches with a few vehicles. However, a few sites do mention that challenges with road noise are unfortunately a factor of the Bronco. One review of the car on CNET states, “While the Ford Bronco’s hardtop seals well enough to keep the weather outside, it doesn’t protect against wind noise, of which there is plenty.”

This CNET review goes on to mention that they were using a $450 noise-deadening headliner when they tested out the vehicle, and that they “can only imagine the cacophony [of sound] that’d fill the cabin without it.” Perhaps Lopez would benefit from adding one of these to their Bronco and maybe that’s why some others cite not being able to relate to their noise issue.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Lopez for comment via email and TikTok message and to Ford via email.

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