Flight attendant reveals what your shoes reveal about you when you’re flying

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‘My hokas are just comfy, ok?’: Flight attendant reveals what your shoes reveal about you when you’re flying

'I just wear the shoes that would be most difficult to pack .'


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Posted on Mar 29, 2024   Updated on Mar 29, 2024, 4:50 pm CDT

In a now-viral video, a flight attendant shares what the shoes you wear to fly reveal about you.

TikToker Cher (@cherdallas) is a flight attendant who typically posts content about her job. Recently, Cher posted a series on “What I’m assuming about you based on your shoes on the plane.” The five-part series has garnered more than 7 million views on the social media platform.

In the first video, Cher kicks off the series with a pair of New Balance sneakers, Dad Edition. “This guy has probably not flown in eight years, but he is going to be the sweetest man I’ve ever met in my life.” She then switches the background to a pair of boat shoes. “I know exactly who you voted for,” she says. “Huge chance you already chugged two to three beers in the airport.”

A pair of furry sandals is up next. “I hope we’re gonna have a good day,” Cher says. Then, she pulls up a pair of Crocs. “You did not shower before this flight. And your sweatpants probably have at least one stain on them.” Uggs, however, indicate you were “probably super nice when you came on board,” she says.

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In the comments of that video, one viewer asked Cher to do On Cloud sneakers. She obliged in a second video. “This person is either the worst Karen I’ve ever met and nothing is going to meet their standards, or the sweetest person I’ve ever met. And there’s no in between,” she says. With regard to cowboy boots, Cher speculates, “California transplant living somewhere in the South. Unless the rodeo is in town. Then it’s authentic.”

For part three, Cher highlights a comment from a viewer who asks about men’s suede loafers. “Bestie, I don’t think you’re gonna like this. This guy is definitely retired, and there’s a huge chance that he’s the reason there’s pee on the floor in the bathroom.” She then points to a photo of Timberland boots. “If we have an emergency on board, I’m immediately going to find this guy because he can definitely do some heavy lifting,” she says.

Birkenstocks can go one of three ways, according to Cher. “We could be coming from Mexico and you’re probably going to say hola to me when you come on board. You’re a suburban mom in a cute sundress. Or you took a concerning amount of edibles before this flight,” she says. Merrell shoes indicate a person who “knows what kind of aircraft we’re on, what city we’re flying over currently, what gate we’re gonna be landing at, and he was three hours early to the airport today. And we love him.”

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In the fourth installment, Cher displays a pair of Hoka sneakers. “If we have a medical on board,” she says, “I’m immediately coming to find this person because they’re most likely a nurse.” The video then transitions to a pair of Tory Burch sandals. “This girl’s arm is probably sore from lugging around that heavy AF BEIS bag,” she says. “Because she’s easily influenced by things on TikTok.” If you’re wearing Vejas, Cher says, “you’re not a regular mom; you’re a cool mom.” Golden Goose-wearing passengers may find “we most likely don’t have the kind of wine that you want on board.”

In the fifth part, Cher addresses another commenter’s request: Chelsea boots for men. “This guy cheats on his wife—only sometimes though—and he has at least one tattoo of a tree or forest,” Cher says. A pair of white Converse indicates “you’re probably going to be grading papers during this flight because there is no chance that you’re not a teacher,” she adds. Allbirds mean you’re likely a “finance bro probably flying to or from Chicago,” Cher guesses. And, finally, Cher references a pair of high-top Nike Jordans. “I do not trust this person because they are so nice when they come on board. But the second there is a delay or something doesn’t go their way, they are the nastiest and rudest person I’ve ever met,” she says.

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In the comments, many viewers said Cher’s takes are spot on. 

“I’m a teacher planning on wearing my converse low tops on my flight for spring break. I do plan on leaving the grading behind though,” one viewer wrote.

“I usually fly in converse but I’m a legal assistant, not a teacher (most of my family are teachers though, but they wear hokas or Birkenstocks),” a second viewer said.

However, one viewer disagreed. “I’m not fitting any of the stereotypes … im wearing what I can easily get on and off at TSA, is comfy and will not kill my feet waiting for anything while I travel,” they wrote.

Cher isn’t the only flight attendant to go viral for giving a behind-the-scenes look into airplane etiquette. One TikToker went viral for suggesting what you should never do during a flight. Another revealed the side hustles she does to make ends meet. And another shared information about her take-home pay.

The Daily Dot reached out to Cher via TikTok direct message for comment. She wrote, “I think it goes to show the perceptive nature of flight attendants. No detail goes unnoticed by us. It’s fun to make light of it, but it’s part of our job to assess our passengers.”

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*First Published: Mar 29, 2024, 9:00 pm CDT