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‘Did you know that?’: Flight attendant shares the real reason they greet you when you board a plane—and it’s not to be polite

It’s actually a test.


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There’s more to being a flight attendant than simply meeting passengers’ needs. Flight attendants must be trained in a host of safety, security, and customer service procedures, including everything from managing expectations during delays to spotting potential human trafficking cases

Over the years, numerous flight attendants have logged on to the internet to share their experiences and pet peeves from their time in the industry. For example, one internet user sparked discussion after revealing her biggest passenger annoyance; another revealed why she advises people not to become flight attendants in the first place.

Now, a TikTok user has inspired discussion after revealing why flight attendants greet passengers as they board the plane.

Your in-flight greeting is actually a test

In a clip with over 9 million views, TikTok user Rania (@itsmekikooooo) discusses why flight attendants greet people as they board the plane.

“Did you know that your flight attendant greets you not only out of politeness, but also … to check whether you are too drunk or sick to fly?” she writes in the text overlaying the video.

In the caption, she adds, “Also to see who could help us in an emergency.”

An article for Reader’s Digest confirms this information while offering some more points about what a flight attendant might be looking for when they scan passengers.

According to the piece, a flight attendant may also observe passenger footwear to see if certain people will require additional instruction or assistance during an emergency; assess friendliness to offer preferential—or worse—treatment; check carry-on bags; look for service animals; and more, including the points mentioned by Rania.

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Commenters share their thoughts

In the comments section, users shared their own in-flight experiences.

“Once I had to take a breathalyzer because I said to the really pretty flight attendant ‘good night’ when she said hello,” claimed a user. “I was sober.”

“Oh then my flight attendants must’ve not cared bc I was still drunk as h*** on the way back home from Mexico I was literally leaning on my best friend walking on the plane lmao,” laughed another.

“One time I was alone and was crying so much after a breakup and the attendant took me to first class from the very back of the plane,” recalled a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Rania via email.

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