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‘I can only imagine how mad they were. It was pouring rain’: Tenant says her tires were flat after she accidentally parked in someone else’s spot at apartment

‘Shout out to the person for inconveniencing me simply as much as I had inconvenienced them.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral video, a woman said her car tires were slashed because she accidentally parked in someone else’s spot. Turns out, that’s not quite what happened.

In the initial video, TikToker @coconutt_headd showed her mom’s white SUV had a large cardboard note duck-taped on the back window.

“No parking asshole!!! I don’t park in your driveway,” the angry note read.

The TikToker explained that she accidentally parked her mom’s car in what she thought was a visitor’s spot but was actually parking reserved for a resident that lived in the apartment complex.

She panned the camera down to show a vague yellow marking on the pavement that indicated the parking spot belonged to apartment 46 or maybe A6—the lettering really was quite hard to read—but @coconutt_headd said she hadn’t noticed it when she parked there.

The TikToker then accused the parking spot owners of slashing two of the car’s tires and shows the left front and left back tires were completely depleted of air.

@coconutt_headd implied their actions would eventually backfire since she could track the actions back to the people who live in the corresponding apartment.

“As if they still won’t be paying me for the inconvenience they now caused me,”@coconutt_headd said. “So they can kiss my ass and run me my money. The police are on their way.”

@coconutt_headd All because someone accidentally parked in their spot, now they get inconvenienced even further bc itll be there longer and they can pay for the new tires #fyp #karma #runmemymoney #bahahha #likehowdumbcanyoube ♬ original sound – Ghost 👻

The video has nearly 14 million views and thousands of comments. Many people pointed out that by immobilizing the car, the parking spot owners only made it so @coconutt_headd stayed there longer, further inconveniencing the apartment residents who still couldn’t park in their designated spot.

Plot twist.

In an update video, @coconutt_headd said that when the police came by, they explained that it was likely the residents just let the air out of the tires—not that they slashed them.

A $30 air pump later, @coconutt_headd figured out that the police were right. The residents got some relatively harmless if not time-consuming and stressful payback on their parking spot thief.

“Welcome to dumb bitch tok where we jump to the worst possible conclusion,” @coconutt_headd said.

The TikToker explained that the day she parked there, it was pouring rain and the parking spot owners likely came home from work and had to park far away in the visitor’s area. She empathized with their situation and said she could “only imagine how mad they were.”

She added that she lowkey respected their payback approach.

“Shout out to them because it’s actually really smart. I can’t do anything about it. I can’t take them to civil court over air being let out of my tires and I really wouldn’t do that anyway,” @coconutt_headd said.

The Daily Dot reached out to the TikToker via email.

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