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‘You deserved it’: Manager says worker busted her car windshield after he got fired. Viewers aren’t sympathetic

‘People saying you deserved this is crazy.’


Tangie Mitchell


Posted on Jan 2, 2024   Updated on Jan 4, 2024, 7:33 pm CST

A restaurant manager shared an image of her car with its windows and back windshield shattered, revealing that an angry employee allegedly vandalized her vehicle after getting fired. 

Content creator and manager @strawberryrhu_barb recently posted a photo slideshow on TikTok that garnered almost 985,000 views as of Tuesday morning. The first slide shows @strawberryrhu_barb dressed in a pink Barbie jumpsuit as a Halloween costume and smiling in what looks to be a restaurant kitchen. The text overlay reads, “Telling people I’m a manager.”

In contrast, the second photo in the slide shows @strawberryrhu_barb in the parking lot standing in front of her vandalized car, the glass from the windows and back windshield littering the ground. The text overlay reads: “actually being a manager.” Another string of text on the photo reads: “I was a witness to my employee being fired and he busted my windows and back windshield.”

“They’re going to jail for christmas,” @strawberryrhu_barb wrote in the caption.

In the comments section, many users were less than sympathetic for @strawberryrhu_barb, questioning the manager’s involvement in the employee’s termination and criticizing the unnamed company’s choice to fire an employee so close to the holiday season.

“You deserved it,” one viewer said plainly.

“Firing someone before the holidays is disgusting — also a manager,” a second user commented.

“I agree with the employee,” another viewer began, “cause [y’all] fire people just thinking they’ll get over it.”

“Nah they don’t do that sh*t without a reason. What did you do?” a fourth person pressed the manager. 

Several TikTokers asked similar questions about @strawberryrhu_barb’s role in the termination, @strawberryrhy_barb replying to one such comment, “I parked next to him the day of, I had no idea he was getting fired.”

Other viewers showed support for @strawberryrhu_barb, with one user writing, “there’s a big accountability and integrity problem going on right now, hang in there love! – a fellow manager.” 

In response to the unsympathetic replies, another viewer simply wrote, “People saying you deserved that is crazy.”

Update 7:34pm CT, Jan. 4: When reached for comment, @strawberryrhu_barb told the Daily Dot: “I had no idea this particular employee was being fired this day. I was parked next to him in our parking lot and I think my car was targeted just due to proximity. The damage exceeded $1000. We reached out to police to file a report the same day and have not heard back from a detective yet. It’s been 3 weeks with zero police action, although I have any and all information needed to get this person. Just out of fear that he might try to come back and cause more damage or try to hurt someone, I don’t want to mention any specifics on location or on the person who did this to me.’

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*First Published: Jan 2, 2024, 5:00 pm CST