Subway customer insists there was a fingernail in her sandwich and demands a refund

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‘I had to FaceTime my manager’: Subway customer insists there was a fingernail in her sandwich and demands a refund. There’s just one problem

‘Bro these customers are wild’


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Posted on Dec 31, 2023   Updated on Dec 31, 2023, 4:28 pm CST

A Subway worker went viral on TikTok after sharing a FaceTime call she had with her manager where the two discussed a difficult customer. 

While on the phone with her manager, Subway worker Kiarah Paige (@kiarah.paige) vented about a woman who complained about finding a fingernail in her sandwich. 

“I had to FaceTime my manager at the time because i needed to tell someone,” Paige wrote in the video caption.

While retelling the story, Paige said she didn’t believe the customer at first because Subway employees wear gloves “at all times.”

The woman insisted on seeing a fingernail in her sandwich, however. So Paige said she presented the customer with two options: to have her meal remade or get a refund. 

But there was an issue. The woman had already eaten the sub. 

“She then proceeds to tell me she started choking on the fingernail and then her sister had to give her the Heimlich,” Paige told her manager. Then, Paige said that the woman began complaining about “jalapeño stems” in her sandwich. 

Paige said that Subway employees don’t pick through the bags of jalapeños the store receives. As a result, Paige said the alleged stems might be a manufacturer issue. The woman then accused Paige’s Subway location of having both “a jalapeño problem” and “a fingernail problem.”

As Paige continued talking to the woman, though, she said she realized that the customer was complaining about finding a fake nail in her sandwich. That led the worker to conclude that someone wearing fake nails at work must’ve lost one in the pickled veggies.

While on the phone, Paige’s manager deduced that someone named “Catherine” was the culprit. The manager said that she planned to text Catherine to ask her whether she “lost a nail today.” 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Paige via TikTok comment and to Subway by email. As of Sunday afternoon, the video had amassed over 92,600 views. 


I had to facetime my manager at the time because i needed to tell someone

♬ original sound – Kiarah:)

In the comments, viewers expressed confusion over why the customer still ate the sandwich.

“Bro these customers are wild,” one viewer said.

“lmao why she eat it,” another questioned.

“How do you even swallow a whole fake nail, lady? I can’t even swallow large pills without gagging,” a third user confessed. 

Others, meanwhile, complained about the lengths customers go to in order to get free food or a refund.

“The things that people do for a refund with no product to bring back,” one woman said. 

“As someone who just left their shift at subway, glad that lady choked,” another wrote.

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*First Published: Dec 31, 2023, 5:00 pm CST