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‘They did not understand the assignment’: Fashion Nova releases new body positivity campaign. There’s just one problem

‘I think y’all confused body positivity with entry level diversity.’


Tiffanie Drayton


Fashion Nova released a new body positivity campaign that left fans unimpressed.

The popular blog and Fashion Nova brand partner Baller Alert (@balleralert) reposted the campaign in an Instagram post with over 2,400 comments.

“Breaking News: Fashion Nova’s Body Positivity Campaigns Are Going Viral,” read the text overlay on a photo showcasing the campaign. The post also included a video.

The clip showed off the fashion brand’s new summer line of bathing suits, modeled by a group of beautiful women.

The women all had lighter skin tones except for one darker-skinned model. Their bodies were all relatively similar, as well, though it should be noted that cellulite could be seen on one of the models, and another appeared to be shorter than the others.

“@FashionNova has all the ladies glowing up this summer in the perfect swimsuits to fit every body,” Baller Alert captioned the post.

Commenters were quick to note that the models physically appeared very similar

“Body positivity..” user Jadalxo wrote. “They all look the exact same & they threw in a black girl for *razzle dazzle*.”

“This is the same shape….” user Amazingyellie commented. “In different font.”

The commenter seemingly referenced another video shared by Fashion Nova featuring women of varying sizes. “POV: You and your besties wearing the same outfit diff font,” read the video’s on-screen caption.

Others noted the lack of racial diversity among the models.

“Just one black woman?” user sweetpzee asked. “Wheres the plus size women ? Don’t piss me off.”

“I think y’all confused body positivity with entry level diversity,” user Lesha41126 said.

Fashion Nova is a “fast fashion” retail company that uses Instagram, models, celebrities, and influencers to promote its brand. It has partnered with big-name artists, including Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more.

Still, the brand is no stranger to controversy. In January 2022, the company settled a lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission for 4.2 million dollars for blocking or removing negative reviews on its website.

The company continues to promote its Spring/Summer collection with plus size models and models of color, but it is unclear how it will respond to the backlash over the models used for its bathing suits.

The Daily Dot reached out to Fashion Nova via email and Baller Alert by Instagram direct message for comment.

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