Facebook Marketplace seller showing up to woman’s house after selling her $600 car seats. She never gave her address

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‘I would not have answered’: Viewers divided when Facebook Marketplace seller goes to her house after selling $600 item. She never gave her address

'Showing up at someone’s house is just not it’


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Posted on Mar 24, 2024   Updated on Mar 24, 2024, 3:48 pm CDT

A mom on TikTok posted a viral video after a seller on Facebook Marketplace showed up to her house without her giving him her address beforehand. 

Madi (@madipcurtis) has reached over 943,000 views and 52,000 likes on her video by Sunday. She has an on-screen caption on her video asking viewers, “What would you do in this situation??” 

Madi begins her video saying earlier that morning around 9am she heard a ring at her doorbell. “I never answer the door,” she says, “so I look at the little camera and I see this old man.”

“Why does this guy look so familiar?” she asks herself. 

“Suddenly it hits me that this is the man I just bought new car seats from on Facebook Marketplace,” she adds, “He’s at my house.” 

Next Madi addresses that “never once did I give him my address or any information other than my name.” 

As she answers the door, Madi says the man greets her saying, “Hi! It’s me!”

“I was like, yeah… what are you doing here?” she says. 

At first Madi thinks about how the car seats she purchased from him are normally sold for $600 each. “He was selling two of them for $300, so I was like, yes please.”

She says she drove an hour and a half away from her house to meet him the other day to pick them up. “My first thought is that he’s gonna be like, I meant that they were $300 each,” she explains. 

“I’m thinking he’s gonna be like, ‘Hey I need the car seats back,’” Madi adds. 

Madi says the man tells her instead: “I remembered this morning that there was a recall on your car seat.” 

“They’re sending me the replacement part and I tried to reach out to you,” she says he continues. 

“I never got any messages,” Madi quickly adds in her video. “Somehow he found my address.” 

Then Madi says the man was so worried about her kids that he said “I had to come tell you myself.” 

“Well what’s the recall?” Madi asks him.

“Well, the seat and the foam, apparently kids can like get to the foam and pick at it and they can choke,” she says he told her.

She says the car seat company was sending him a cover for that part of the seat in order to resolve the issue. 

“It’s not a safety problem so you don’t have to give us our money back, like we’ll keep the car seats,” Madi responds.

Madi says the man continues to ramble on about how worried he was about her family. “I’m just sitting there like how did this man get my address and show up to my house?”

Before ending her video she says, “He was so nice and very well intended but, also, how do you just find someone’s address and then drive an hour and half?”

“He didn’t gain anything from the situation, he was just so concerned about me and my children and their new car seats.”

@madipcurtis Apreciate his honesty but…. Showing up at someones house is just not it😂 #storytime #facebookmarketplace #viral #whatwouldyoudo #boomersbelike #random #youngmom #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound – madi paige

A top comment under Madi’s video told her, “About a 90% chance he’s a good guy but that other 10%…”

“Buying car seats on FB marketplace is the first no. second was answering the door lol,” another says.

A few concerned viewers asked Madi, “Did you check the car seats for air tags?”

“I’d check the car seats for an apple tag or some tracker,” another adds. Madi responded to the comment saying, “He was like 70 and just trying to be nice he wasn’t being a creep so not worried about that. More worried that if he can find my address an actual creep can.” 

“I’d just straight up ask him how he found your address,” one adds.

Madi told the Daily Dot via TikTok DM that she is “very aware and mostly untrusting of strangers ESPECIALLY when it concerns my kids!”

“I posted this because my mind went to the worst case at first… After the encounter I had to take a step back and realize not everyone is out to get you or has bad intentions. This was truly just a worried grandpa that felt he had to do anything he could to get me the info to make sure my kids were safe.”

She added: “We are safe, not worried at all about him and very happy with our new car seats, despite all the comments on used car seats haha.”

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*First Published: Mar 24, 2024, 7:00 pm CDT