Woman bought a lost package on Facebook Marketplace

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‘She’s a rescue’: Woman buys a lost package on Facebook Marketplace. She can’t believe what she receives

'I would have passed out opening the box.'


Charlotte Colombo


Posted on Mar 30, 2024   Updated on Mar 30, 2024, 3:06 pm CDT

Facebook marketplace is host to some weird and wonderful items. But over on TikTok, Kia’s (@kia.amajiki) experience is a whole other realm of weird. In a now-viral clip, she introduces her audience to Evangeline: a sex doll that fell into her possession accidentally after purchasing a “lost package.”

Recently, as Kia herself points out, TikTokers have been sharing unboxing videos of “lost packages.” The main selling point of these packages is that the contents are a mystery to the buyer, making it ideal as both an unexpected treat and content for a TikTok account.

“I didn’t want to buy one from Amazon, and I didn’t want to message the mail people and ask them,” she says. “So I was scrolling through Facebook marketplace.”

Eventually, Kia says she found a “sketchy” seeming seller in the “middle of nowhere” in Wisconsin. For just $550, Kia became the proud owner of this seller’s biggest box—and she claims that he was so keen for her to have it that he paid for shipping.

The clip then cuts to the moment where Kia unboxes the item and is shocked to discover that it’s a “love doll” in all its silicone glory.

“It’s just a crazy experience,” she says. “I seriously don’t know if she was used or not. She was packaged super well so, in my heart, I’m praying that it wasn’t used, but it wasn’t for sure. So yes, I cleaned her. Yes, I bleached her.”

“I have her now, I’m stuck with her now she’s my emotional support girly,” she says.

@kia.amajiki How i ended up with a six doll #fyp #evangelinethedoll ♬ original sound – Kia&Evangeline

It’s worth noting that for the entirety of the video, the doll, which she’s named Evangeline, was sitting alongside Kia with a full contour, wig, and outfit on.

And needless to say, viewers can’t get enough of Evangeline’s glow-up.

“I didnt look at her until you pointed omfg,” one wrote. “I thought she was a real girly just hangin out w you.”

“Obsessed with the fact you did her make up,” another added, while several others dubbed Evangeline a “rescue.”

Since posting the video, Kia has rebranded her TikTok as “Kia and Evangeline,” as she shares videos of the various outings and activities she does with the love doll by her side, including visiting her mother.

Kia and Evangeline didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 30, 2024, 6:00 pm CDT