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‘When you get paid as much as you would at McDonald’s, I don’t blame em’: Employee complains about young worker walking off job over hard task to work at McDonald’s instead

‘All I heard is you don’t pay enough.’


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A TikToker sparked debate on today’s work culture after criticizing a 24-year-old who quit his job when asked to complete a tedious task.

In a recent viral video, TikTok user Peyton ( showed a car with cracked remnants of crash wrap, a temporary protective adhesive put on a vehicle to protect it. Removing the wrap proved too difficult for one worker, who said they would rather work at Mcdonald’s before resigning.

“Our generation has to get a little better,” Peyton critiqued. “I’m not saying it’s the easiest job in the world, but it’s surely not the fucking hardest.” My generation, yet again baffles me. #dobetter #wtf #crashwrap #bluecollarjobs #autobodyrepair #thisgeneration ♬ original sound – 228.Peyton

In the comments section, viewers quickly pointed out that pay could be the real issue at hand.

“When you get payed as much as you would at McDonald’s I don’t blame em,” one user wrote. According to CNBC, entry-level pay at McDonald’s ranges from $11 to $17 per hour as of 2021.

“All I heard is you don’t pay enough,” another user agreed.

In response to a comment that asked how much the employee made, Peyton said, “I’m not the boss or owner, however I was doing this at $10/hr with 0 problems. Not a pay problem. [It’s] work ethic.”

Many users disagreed.

“I had your mindset when I was a teenager,” one wrote. “Working hard is awesome until you realize you’re getting taken advantage of.”

Other viewers cautioned that workers have to build skills from the bottom up.

“He’s starting from the bottom, gotta work his way up,” one user stated. “A lot of people just expect to be given everything for [nothing.]”

In a follow-up video, Peyton said that career advancement comes from hard work, which leads to more pay and skills that help you grow. Peyton said the employee who quit had only worked there a month but wanted to be paid the same as longtime employees.

As for working at Mcdonald’s, Peyton said doing so would offer no job security. He also said McDonald’s employees wouldn’t get more than 30 hours of work a week.

“One more thing before I go,” Peyton continued. “You entitled little shits. How the hell do you expect to walk into a job site and demand a certain amount of pay? You ain’t proven nothing.” Replying to @zold.talks ♬ original sound – 228.Peyton

The Daily Dot reached out to via TikTok comment.

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