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‘1,2,3,4. All valid’: Ex-employee exposes 5 ‘truths’ about working at Buc-ee’s

'It's not worth anywhere near the $21 an hour they pay you.'


Amara Thomas


Posted on Mar 28, 2024   Updated on Mar 27, 2024, 12:16 pm CDT

In a viral video, a former Buc-ee’s employee Jeffrey John (@jeffreyjohn441) shares five “truths” about working at the southern convenience store chain that led him to quit the job after three months. 

He begins the video by setting the scene. “So we’re here at Buc-ee’s, and I’m here to get my W-2 because I work at this sh*thole for three months,” he explains. 

“I’m gonna give you five truths about why working at Buc-ee’s—it’s not worth anywhere near the $21 an hour they pay you,” he continues, and proceeds to break down five reasons that led him to quit his job at Buc-ee’s. 

He starts with his first truth. “If you’re one minute late, and I mean one minute, they write you up, they call you into the office, and tell you if it happens two more times, you’re fired. That’s truth no. 1,” he says.

For his truth No. 2, he says, “Most of the people here absolutely hate their jobs.” 

He continues with his truth No. 3. “If you get caught eating one item. I mean, one item, it could be a pecan. If you eat one pecan and get caught, you’re fired,” he says.

“If you get fired or you quit, you lose all … your PTO. I know friends that have lost hundreds of hours, and I lost some myself,” he says.

And for his final truth, which he stresses is the biggest reason why he quit, he says, “My manager told me I wasn’t walking fast enough and that the cameras were watching me. So I put my card away, and I walked right out front … door.” 

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The viral video has 943,000 views and thousands of comments. Many viewers didn’t resonate with Jeffrey John’s five truths, arguing they were valid and to be expected from a large company. 

“Seems like a very reasonable set of rules. Long live Buc-ee,” one viewer shared. Another added, “1,2,3,4. All valid. Those are the rules at most large companies.” 

Some viewers shared that these truths Jeffrey John exposed increased their loyalty to the company. “I like Buc-ee’s even more now,” one shared. Another viewer agreed, “This makes me want to go to Buc-ees more.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Jeffrey John via TikTok. The Daily Dot also reached out to Buc-ee’s via contact form.

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*First Published: Mar 28, 2024, 4:00 am CDT