Dunkin' worker says new hire didn't know how to count change

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‘Not only was it their first day but it was their last day as well’: Dunkin’ worker says new hire didn’t know how to count change

'What you mean I gotta train you from scratch?'


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Posted on Mar 24, 2024   Updated on Mar 24, 2024, 2:38 pm CDT

It seems like some American kids straight out of high school are so dumb now they don’t even know how to take out the correct change from a cash register to hand to customers who pay with cash.

At least, that’s what the message seems to be from a TikTok posted by Keosha (@keoshakraze). In her clip, she shares how she was forced to fire a Dunkin’ new hire who was clueless when it came to giving customers their change in cash transactions.

Viewers who saw her clip expressed their own run-ins with individuals who appear to be products of a rapidly declining education system in the United States.

“So like I hired a new person, and I put them in the window, to see how they do with cash handling,” Keosha says. “So they tell me, ‘Oh this is where I struggle at.'”

Keosha says the person mentioned giving change back was not their strong suit, but she says she assured them the computer did all the work for them.

“No, no,” she exclaims while shaking her head. “That’s not what they meant, baby, what they meant was they don’t know how to make 74 cents. Like they don’t know to grab two quarters, two dimes, and four pennies.”

She slaps her mouth with her hand, seemingly in frustration. “What am I gonna do with that?” the TikToker asks. “Baby, I am not a high school I am a coffee shop!”

She continues, “Not only was it their first day but it indeed was their last day as well. Surprisingly this is a very common issue.”

Keosha recounts how another one of her trainees experienced the same issue when working the drive-thru.

“They’ve been scanning and Apple Pay and credit cards only because that’s who’ve been coming through,” she says. “So boom, they get a $20 bill, they look at me and said, ‘This is where it gets hard.'”

Keosha says she did not understand what was “hard” about getting cash, and had to show them how to input the $20 bill into the computer.

“What do you mean I gotta train you from scratch?” she concludes. “Mm-hmm, don’t come back.”

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Viewers seemed equally flabbergasted by Keosha’s encounter as she was.

“Jobs gotta start posting MUST BE ABLE TO COUNT CHANGE,” one person penned.

Another shared their own anecdote, writing, “I once overheard a 30 year old man say he forgot how to read after high school. How do you forget that??”

But others said the lack of basic math computational skills at their places of work was becoming frequently more common.

“It’s a problem fr,” they said. “People lack basic math fr. I see it everyday at my job.”

“Girl, I worked with a girl who didn’t know how to count out 35 cents and just gave a dude 35 PENNIES!!!” another said.

And then some were shocked after coming in contact with people who were unable to read an analog clock.

“This is similar to ppl not being able to tell time on a clock,” they said. “Where’d they go in elementary school??”

The Hill wrote in November of 2023 that average ACT scores in America dropped to record-low numbers. This is especially concerning when one considers reports from analysts who believe that the standardized test is actually getting easier year after year.

A general disdain for education or common sense in America appears to have a stranglehold over the country—The Balance writes that the U.S. ranks dead last when compared to other industrialized nations in mathematics.

And then there are situations, like the infamous case of a long-time NYU Organic Chemistry professor who was fired for making his class too hard, or Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire getting rid of bar examination requirements for folks to become lawyers.

Changing the goalposts on competence is apparently having direct consequences—for Keosha, it’s finding employees who actually give customers back proper change.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the heavens to see if there’s any hope for our species via both monotheistic and polytheistic prayer rituals, Dunkin’ via email, and Keosha via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 24, 2024, 3:00 pm CDT