Customer discovers discarded 10-foot Dunkin' Donuts sign. They let her take it home


‘I rented a U-Haul’: Customer discovers discarded 10-foot Dunkin’ Donuts sign. They let her take it home

'This is my favorite decoration in my house now.'


Eric Webb


Posted on Sep 7, 2023

Dunkin’ has a hardcore fan base—we don’t need to tell you how much Ben Affleck loves the doughnuts-and-coffee chain—but a viral TikTok takes the fandom to a new level.

Creator Carmela (@carmelaandthebeast) posted a video about taking a giant Dunkin’ sign home that her local store was throwing away. The video has 1.5 million views and more than 169,000 likes.

The TikToker has also previously been featured on Daily Dot for her viral content about Dunkin’. Last year, she shared a TikTok explaining her disappointment with the company’s updates to its rewards system.

@carmelaandthebeast this is my favorite decoration in my house now #dunkinmerch #dunkinislife ♬ original sound – CarmelaandTheBeast

In the video, Carmela explains that she was visiting her local Dunkin’, and “the perfect opportunity fell into my hands.”

The video shows two large building signs on the ground: one for Dunkin’ and one for Baskin-Robbins. Carmela asked the store’s staff about the Dunkin’ sign.

“They said if I found a truck, then it’s all mine,” she explains.

Carmela says her friends with trucks weren’t available, “so I rented a U-Haul.”

The video then shows two people helping her load the Dunkin’ sign into the bed of a truck. Toward the end of the video, the creator’s dad helps her unload it at home.

“Now we have a 10-foot Dunkin’ Donuts sign, and this will be sitting in my garage until I have a house,” she says, displaying the Dunkin’ sign resting against a wall.

Carmela captioned the video, “this is my favorite decoration in my house now.”

“Wow, I love it! Also, your dad must have been like… you got what?” one commenter wrote. Carmela replied, “Yess he thought I was crazy.”

Another viewer commented, “If I was the person at home that you brought this home to, I think I’d be more impressed than upset.” The creator replied, “My mom was shocked when she pulled into the garage.”

Even the official Dunkin’ account commented on the TikTok: “Decor goals,” and Carmela replied, “It’s going to be a huge statement piece.”

“I would either do cool wall art or I would put some legs on it and have it as a table. Get a piece of glass for the top,” someone else chimed in. 

“I think you just started a new family heirloom my friend,” another comment read.

The sign, which reads “Dunkin’ Donuts,” may have been discarded as part of the company’s rebrand. Dunkin’ dropped Donuts from its name in 2019, both to simplify the branding and to reflect an emphasis on coffee, according to Delish.

The Daily Dot reached out to Carmela via TikTok and Dunkin’ via email.

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*First Published: Sep 7, 2023, 2:39 pm CDT