A Colombian man robbed an Internet cafe but forgot to sign out of Facebook before doing so. He was promptly arrested. 

A man in Colombia has been caught for breaching the most basic of Facebook etiquette: Make sure you log out of your account before you rob someone.

After spending time playing on computers at an Internet cafe, two men near the city of Cali, in western Colombia, indicated to staff that they were ready to pay for their time online. Instead, they robbed the cafe’s manager and escaped on a stolen motorcycle, according to a translated news report by El Tiempo.

The manager, however, noticed that one of the assailants hadn’t logged out of Facebook.

Police were able to track him down using that information and promptly arrested him.

It’s unclear from Colombian news reports if the other man has been caught. If he’s still at large, he’s probably easy to find throughhis accomplice’s Facebook friends and check-in points.

Photo by San Jose Library

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