person holding 2 cans of Dr Pepper with caption 'I have 2 Dr peppers from the same pack...' (l) person pouring Dr Pepper into cup with caption 'WHAT THE F*CK Dr Pepper!!' (c) person holding 2 cans of Dr Pepper with caption 'One felt a little light so I decided to do an experiment...' (r)

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‘What’s going on with this? I deserve a refund’: Customer finds out two Dr. Pepper cans from the same pack contain different amounts of liquid

‘I deserve a refund.’


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Posted on May 12, 2023

Everyone has their guilty pleasures, and one of the most popular guilty pleasures is soda. But, when you open the case and find that one of the cans is either malformed or feels different it can be disappointing to say the least.

TikTok user Gwendolyn (@g.w.e.n..w.o.b.b.e) recently filmed a viral clip, viewed over 5.3 million times, of two sealed Dr. Pepper cans from the same pack with drastically different liquid levels.

Created in 1885, by a pharmacist named Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas, Dr. Pepper is the oldest soft drink in America and has cultivated a large following over the years. Though it may be rare to find a defective product, Gwendolyn could tell immediately that something was off with her recent purchase.

The video begins with Gwendolyn standing behind a table with two cans of Dr. Pepper in front of two empty glasses. White writing appears on the screen, reading, “I have 2 Dr. Peppers from the same pack…” She turns the cans, revealing that they are both sealed. The white writing continues, “One felt a little light so I decided to do an experiment.”

Then she opens the first can and pours it into one of the glasses. The liquid barely reaches halfway and is noticeably devoid of carbonation. Gwendolyn pours the second Dr Pepper into the next glass which immediately fizzles up to the top and fills the glass to the rim. In all caps, the white text reads,
WHAT THE F*CK Dr Pepper!!” as she finishes pouring.

“What’s going on with this? I deserve a refund,” Gwendolyn said in her caption, calling out the brand.

Dr. Pepper was quick to respond: “That’s not right at all. Please contact our Consumer Care team 1-800-696-5891, so we get you back to sipping on full flavor!” The Daily Dot reached out to Gwendolyn via TikTok comment, and Dr. Pepper via email for further comment.

Gwendolyn’s video sparked a large conversation on flavor and Dr. Pepper’s customer service.

“Barbecue water ahh b–ch,” one user joked.

“Why do people say that bro where does Barbecue come from,” another user replied.

“Cuz it’s spicy water,” the jokester quipped.

“As a Dr Pepper lover accidents happen. It was probably a machine error. Call them I’m positive they will make it right,” one user explained.

Others discussed how one can seemed to not be sealed properly.

“Going to guess that the 1st one didn’t get sealed properly in production and that’s why it was flat and half full.”

“It’s an end-of-the-run thing. Once the batch runs out. There are usually more cans than soda,” one commenter speculated.

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*First Published: May 12, 2023, 12:04 am CDT