DoorDash delivery worker contemplates the cost of the item with the price of delivery.

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‘I’m getting paid more than the product is worth’: Viewers defend DoorDash customer’s $2.50 Sonic order

‘pregnancy, chronic illness, many reasons.’


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jun 24, 2023

A DoorDash driver came under fire from commenters after complaining about picking up an order that they deemed too small.

In the video, the Dasher, Johnny (@johnnyroosterlive) appears to be parked in the Sonic driveway after picking up an order from there.

He explains that the customer’s order came out to just $2.50.

@johnnyroostercomedy I don't mind getting paid, but the App isn't designed for an item that small. #doordash #doordashdriver #misuseofanapp #deliverydriver #springfieldmo #sonicdrinkorder #deliveryorders #missouridriver #sgfmonews ♬ original sound – johnnyroosterlive

“It’s a miniature thingamajig at Sonic. That’s absurd. I’m getting paid more than the product is worth just to deliver it. How is that supposed to work out?” he said.

Throughout the video, Johnny is holding up a small cup that’s filled with a red liquid. It’s unclear whether the product is a beverage or possibly some kind of dessert.

“Misuse of Delivery App,” the text overlay on the video read.

The video has nearly 50,000 views and more than 120 comments since going up on Friday.

“I don’t mind getting paid, but the app isn’t designed for an item that small,” Johnny wrote in the comment section.

Commenters were not too happy with the Dasher’s comments. Several asked why the size of the order matters if Johnny is still getting paid.

“Does it matter? we pay for the convenience of not going ourselves. as long as you’re getting paid and tipped what’s the problem?” the most popular comment read.

In reply to a few of these comments, Johnny said that he isn’t thinking of himself in these situations but rather the customer. “I don’t like hurting the customer financially. People shouldn’t do that to themselves.”

Others said that the person may have placed the order out of necessity because they may be pregnant, have a chronic illness, or simply can’t leave the house.

“When I was pregnant and had those cravings I would sometimes order just one of something,” a viewer wrote.

“Sometimes someone can’t get away from what they are doing or they are taking care of family and can’t leave so they don’t mind paying for convenience,” another said.

Another commenter pointed out that if the person has a DashPass, then the order may have been worth it for them.

“If you have a dash pass, it covers everything. My kid would order a DQ blizzard on a regular basis. He tipped amazing for the convenience,” the commenter shared.

According to DoorDash, a DashPass is a subscription service that allows customers to place an unlimited number of deliveries from “thousands” of eligible restaurants. Those with the pass don’t pay a delivery fee on orders over $10 or $12, depending on their state.

The Daily Dot reached out to Johnny via TikTok comment and to DoorDash via email.

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*First Published: Jun 24, 2023, 8:57 am CDT