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‘DoorDash fired me for going on vacation’: Driver gets ‘deactivated’ by app after traveling to another city

'Cause they couldn’t verify I went on vacation.'


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Posted on Aug 31, 2023   Updated on Sep 5, 2023, 2:00 pm CDT

Update Sept. 5, 1:59pm CT: According to a DoorDash rep, “This story is both wrong and misleading: the Dasher’s account was not deactivated because he went on vacation but because we detected potentially suspicious activity. If a Dasher is based in one city but dashes far away, it is often a signal for account sharing or selling. The Dasher was deactivated for repeatedly failing to re-verify their identity. We have reached out to ask them to re-verify their identity with a valid government ID so they can continue to dash.”

DoorDash also told the Daily Dot via email: “To ensure people are who they say they are and help prevent bad actors ever using our platform, we have rolled out a robust, multi-layered identity verification and screening process. We use a number of signals to detect signs of potential account inauthenticity, which triggers requests for Dashers to re-verify their identity.

If a Dasher’s selfie matches their government identification, they’re instantly able to resume dashing. If their identity cannot be verified, the Dasher account will be suspended and they will no longer be allowed to dash. All Dashers will have the opportunity to appeal this decision, and every appeal is reviewed thoroughly and carefully before a final decision is made.”

Our original report is below.

If you drive for DoorDash make sure you don’t open the app while you’re out of town. It just might get you account flagged for suspicious activity. That’s what one former Dasher found out after checking out activity on the app while he was on vacation.

@your_dasher_adam #doordash #doordashdriver #dasher #doordasher #doordashers #doordash ♬ original sound – Dasher Adam

Dasher Adam (@your_dasher_adam) has dedicated his entire TikTok account to his adventures as a driver for the food delivery service DoorDash. But he was dealt a huge blow after returning home from vacation when he attempted to log on to his driver app to find that his account had been deactivated and he was no longer eligible to deliver for the service.

“DoorDash fired me for going on vacation,” Adam told his viewers in a video posted one day ago. The video now has over 43,600 thousand views as of today.

Adam left his California home to visit Minneapolis. “I opened my DoorDash app over there,” he said in the video. “I wanted to see the zones; check it out; see what it would be like to dash in a different city.”

“Never once did it try to verify who I was or anything like that,” he said. “I didn’t accept any dashes. I just wanted to see the zones.”

On the way back home, Adam attempted to open the app again in Las Vegas, only to find out he could not log in. When he checked his email he found that he had a deactivation notice in his inbox.

Adam attempted to appeal the decision but was sent another email informing him that the company decided to uphold the deactivation. He then attempted to mediate the issue through customer service but was told they could not reactivate him. However, they said, he could create a new account.

“So I went ahead and created a new account but now I’m on a waitlist,” he told viewers.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Adam via TikTok for further comment.

Adam was also told that there is nothing that customer service can do to expedite his time on the waitlist. despite the fact that, as the screen text in his video explains, Adam had 800 dashes and a 4.9 rating during his time using his old account.

“A similar thing happened except I didn’t dash for about 9 months I dashed the night before went to a different town and got locked out,” one commenter said.

DoorDash does not have a stated policy about using the app elsewhere. The Daily Dot has reached out to the company via email for a statement.

Several viewers reached out to Adam to say they had been able to dash in different cities.

“I opened my account all over the country, over 20k deliveries.,” wrote one.

Another added “They should have a policy stating that if you’re going out of town then you need to report it so they don’t think fraud is happening.”

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*First Published: Aug 31, 2023, 11:03 pm CDT