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‘It could’ve busted open’: DoorDash customer says driver stole Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut from her Fiesta order

‘The coconut one is so good too I would be so upset.’


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“DoorDash, count your days,” says one TikToker after a disappointing experience opening an order of Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut soda cans. She says she ordered two boxes of the soda through DoorDash from Texas-based grocery chain Fiesta Mart. While she’s unsure whether to blame Fiesta or DoorDash for her disappointment, she seems especially upset with DoorDash.

In a now-viral video, Paisley (@princesspaisley) says she was unpacking a box of Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut soda when she noticed a few things were off. She says she first noticed that the box had been sealed with a piece of tape. Then, she says she found a can of regular Dr Pepper hidden in the middle of the box with the Creamy Coconut cans.

The impostor can added to Paisley’s suspicion about the tape and further led her to believe that a can of Creamy Coconut was intentionally swapped out and stolen.

“Who the hell did that? It was either somebody at Fiesta, or it was my f*cking Dasher. Either way, DoorDash, count your days,” Paisley says at the end of the video.

The video has over 229,000 views and 6,300 likes as of publication.

Since when has there been coconut Dr Pepper?

Amid her frustrations, Paisley seems to have stirred up lots of excitement for this flavor of Dr Pepper.


“The coconut one is so good too I would be so upset,” another sympathizes.

According to USA Today, the flavor is part of a summer rollout. “The company announced Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut and Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut Zero Sugar will be available beginning May 1 at retailers nationwide through the end of July,” the outlet states.

It also reports that in March, Dr Pepper released a limited-edition coconut lime-flavored creamer in collaboration with Coffee Mate. The creamer is designed to be mixed with Dr Pepper to make “dirty sodas“—a combination of soda, coffee creamer, and flavored syrups—without extra ingredients.

One of Paisley’s viewers has their own ideas on what to mix with Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut. “Girl they are the best and add some coconut RUM it’s bussin,” they recommend.


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Other viewers share alternative reasons why the box might have been taped up or have a can that’s a different flavor than advertised.

“Seems like a repack. Merchandisers at our store would tape them back up if the lil, flaps were opened,” one commenter suggests.

“Could have been return that was taped and put back on the shelf,” a second says.

“It could’ve busted open in the store and someone wasn’t paying attention,” another says.

As Paisley mentions in one comment, she’ll likely never know what truly happened. Perhaps the DoorDash driver really wanted to try this flavor of Dr Pepper, or someone opened it up at Fiesta, or maybe the warehouse that packs the boxes is to blame. One thing that’s for sure is that Paisley seems to be growing fed up with DoorDash in general.

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash, Fiesta, and Dr Pepper via email and to Paisley via Instagram direct message for more information.

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