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‘I was spending over $1,000 every month ordering on DoorDash’: Customer fills house with plasticware for ‘meal prep’ to curb DoorDash habit

‘Because who washing the dishes?’


Jack Alban


It’s hard to beat the convenience of food delivery. There’s no need to go out and shop for ingredients. You don’t need to worry about learning how to properly cook some of your favorite meals, nor do you have to have the necessary utensils, or clean up afterwards. All you have to do is accept your order, chow down, and toss your leftovers in the fridge when you’re done.

However, ordering out for the majority of your meals can get quite pricey, especially with the cost of food in the United States increasing significantly since 2021. With projections that inflation is going to spike grocery and food-away-from-home costs even more in 2023, Americans are looking for ways to get the most out of their money when it comes to grub.

TikToker Yana Glo (@yummyyana) is a self-proclaimed delivery addict, who said that she was dropping around $1,000 per month on getting her meals delivered to her.

She decided that she needed to start meal-prepping and eating her own food from home, but wanted to make the act of doing so more convenient. So she shared a video highlighting how she did just that and it involved a lot of disposable utensils and single-use food containers that allow her to plan her meals and then grab them and go.

@yummyyana i still reuse and recycle #mealprephack ♬ original sound – Yana Glo

Yana says in her viral video about her meal-prep revelation that’s racked up close to 90,000 likes:

“I was spending over $1,000 every month ordering on DoorDash when I suddenly remembered there’s food at the house,” Yana says.

She begins the TikTok with her filling up a container with lemonade at a Panera location. The clip then cuts to her filling up a bin placed on a kitchen countertop with disposable pink plastic straws.

“I needed to make it more convenient for me to eat. So I started off with some half gallon of Charged :emonade because it’s cheaper to buy a half gallon and divvy it up along the week versus ordering larges every single day,” Yana explains.

She then begins to extricate plastic cups from a box along with lids to go with said cups. She then pulls out small to-go ramekins on the same countertop.

“I got some single-serve containers to prep my breakfast in. They came with the little spoons—love that,” she shares. “And then I also got some containers to make meal prepping a little easier, just to keep all my fruits and veggies in the same place so that it’s easier to snack on, or to incorporate it in any of my salads, meals, whatever.”

Yana then goes on to show off various food containers she intends to use for her new foray into meal prepping instead of just dropping a ton of money on delivery. She says that this new approach to planning out the food she’s going to eat has simplified the process.

“This has all made it a lot easier honestly I’ve been eating in the house for a month y’all,” she concludes.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Yana via email for further comment.

One commenter exclaimed that while the amount of money the TikToker was spending on DoorDash seemed excessive to them, that they too are looking to curb their food delivery spending. “Over $1000 on DoorDash is crazyYyyyyyyy but I get it I’m trying to stop Ubereats,” they wrote.

Someone else understood Yana’s dislike of washing dishes. “Because who washing the dishes?… yea okay. Get it girl!!!”

But there were others who didn’t think that loading up her home with disposable plastic utensils was a good idea. “The amount of single use plastic is absolutely crazy cmon now,” one user zrgued.

Another suggested, “I understand the convenience of the plastic but just get a silverware set you really enjoy and save money in the long run.”

A third added, “if you’re being conscious of your spending try ditching single use cookware/plastic cutlery.”

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