Domino's worker warns against ordering the most expensive pizza on the menu; Domino's Restaurant Store Front Logo

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‘Do not get the pizza with everything on it’: Domino’s worker warns against ordering the most expensive pizza on the menu

‘After seeing these comments, I’m glad I don’t eat Domino’s.’


Jack Alban


If you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck at Domino’s, then dropping more coin on the most premium pizza is a waste of cash, according to an employee.

TikToker @manmeigs’ posted this revelation in response to a question by user @tacoreacts, who asked folks to share some discreet knowledge from the respective companies that they worked for.

User @manmeigs obliged, stating in his stitched clip, “Well some of you motherf*ckers might not know that I used to work at Domino’s back in the day in my college days.”

He calls the owners of the fast-food franchise “pr*cks” and that they were guarding a “dirty little secret” that they didn’t want customers to know about “their most expensive pizzas on the menu.”

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He continues, “So picture this: one o’clock and you’re stoned to the f*cking bone you get on Domino’s f*ck yeah I want the pizza with everything.”

Ordering this pizza, according to the TikToker, would be a terrible mistake on your part. “Do not get the pizza with everything on it. And I’m gonna tell you why.”

His reason? The assembly line structure of how pizzas are made at most establishments is the culprit. “And as you’re going down the line everything that you’re throwing on there goes into a trough. And after a certain amount of time, the trough gets kinda full. And you should throw that sh*t out. But not Domino’s.”

The TikToker doesn’t spare any details—he claims Domino’s takes all of the remnants of other pizza’s toppings that fall into a trough, getting all up in each other’s grills, and then uses them for the “everything” pizza.

“They just throw it on top of your f*cking pizza and they call it an extravaganza, charge you $17 for the f*cking pie and you’re dumba*s buys it,” he says.

If you’re scouring the comments section of @manmeigs post to look for some relief, you’re not going to find it—numerous folks seemingly confirmed that this is the case, adding some anecdotes of gross pizza place practices they’ve witnessed themselves.

“Yep. and the drivers pick food out of it with their hands. also their cameras usually don’t work,” one person wrote.

Someone else penned, “Worked for a pizza place who did that as well. only 1st they ask ou to separate what you can & put back in it’s respectful containers.”

This appears to be a practice other places engaged in, as one TikTok user said, “My store had to clean out the pits before it got full. We did however pick out stuff n put back in the containers.”

“So very true. I worked at Marco’s pizza in high school. We called it the WORKS PIZZA,” another TikToker revealed.

According to one viewer, they even had their shifts reduced at a pizza restaurant they worked at for refusing to engage in this practice.

“I think that’s most pizza places,” they said. “The one I worked at did that too, small local place. I refused and my hours got cut lol.”

In a video posted by Insider detailing how Domino’s pizzas are made, at the two-minute mark, an employee is shown tossing some cheese on a sauced circle of a dough that rests upon a grated trough.

The Daily Dot has contacted Domino’s via email and @manmeigs via TikTok comment.

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