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‘Oh no, these are 4 for $12’: Dollar General customer sees Mountain Dew on sale but young cashier can’t figure out how to enter sale

‘Why did it take this long for all this to happen?’


Heather Stewart


A Dollar General customer (@sergeant_goofy) expresses concern regarding the lack of intelligence of young workers in a TikTok video after his cashier overcharged him.

In the TikTok from last week, the customer says he went to Dollar General to buy a can of Tobacco dip. He says he decided to walk around the store isles, and saw that Mountain Dew six packs were on sale.

“It was four for $12,” he says. “You know what, I need some soda pop.”

He says he took four packs to the counter.

“The young man is scanning my stuff,” he continues. “I only heard three scans. And I said, ‘Oh, you missed one.’”

He says the cashier told him his total was around $24, despite the dip only being around $6. 

“I said, ‘OK, I still think this is wrong, but whatever,’” the customer says. “So I paid and I go out to my truck. I look at the receipt, because I’m like, ‘I know that I’m not this crazy right now.’”

The cashier had charged him for an extra pack of Mountain Dew. When the customer told him he missed a scan, he actually had not.

At first, the customer says, he didn’t want to make a fuss over $5, but ultimately he decided to go back inside the Dollar General. 

“No, this is principle,” he says.

He says he grabbed another pack of Mountain Dew from the store shelves, and proceeded to explain the extra charge on his receipt to the same cashier. 

“I’m just going to take this since I paid for five already, you know, and then we’ll be good,” the customer says. “But here’s where it gets weird. So the [expletive] scans it. And he said, ‘Oh, that’ll be $5.38.’”

However, the customer had already paid for the extra pack. In the TikTok, he expresses his frustration with the cashier not understanding. 

“This kid was just not getting it,” the customer says. “He’s looking at the receipt. And he’s like, ‘I scanned four’ and I’m like, ‘Bro, what are you talking about?’”

The customer says the cashier kept insisting that he gave him the discount, but the customer says that wasn’t the issue. The problem was the extra mountain dew pack on the receipt.

“I’m like, ‘No [expletive],’” the customer says. “At this point. I’m just not even trying to be polite. I said, ‘Trust and believe, my brother in Christ, I understand that you gave me the discount. But you are not understanding that the discount is for four.’” 

He says another employee walked over to them to help out, but that she wasn’t understanding either.

“So this is how we settled it,” he says.

The customer left his phone and wallet at the counter and walked the other Dollar General employee out to his truck to show her the amount of Mountain Dew packs he had: four.

Finally, he says, the employee understood and allowed him to take the fifth pack. 

“Why in the [expletive] did it take this long for all this to happen?,” he asks in the TikTok. “So again, needless to say, I am concerned. Some people are just [expletive] stupid.” 

Dollar General’s young workers under fire

On the TikTok, which has over 8,000 views, commenters wrote about common experiences they have had with younger workers.

“I have a new 18-year-old coworker who doesn’t know how to COUNT CHANGE,” one viewer commented.

“I paid for take out with cash,” another wrote. “I had to fight with the kid that I gave him exact change. He insisted I gave him a nickel when I gave him a quarter. I had to pull quarters and nickels out to compare.” 

Some viewers commented in agreement with the Dollar General customer speaking in the TikTok. 

“I agree with you 100 percent,” another said. “I never leave the store without checking my receipt. Must be the ‘new’ math being taught these days.” 

“Dollar General is honestly going downhill so fast,” one viewer wrote. 

However, others disagreed. 

“You should have just showed him the receipt and said ‘I only got four but you charged me for five. I’ll need a refund,’” someone commented. “You over-explained.” 

“So basically this whole thing was your fault and you should have just kept your mouth shut instead of telling the kid how to do his job,”

According to the Economic Policy Institute, about 84% of Dollar General workers make less than $14 an hour.

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“Dollar General is only worried about coverage, not quality,” one viewer commented.

The TikTok creator (@sergeant_goofy) did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment. 

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