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‘I want to know something about you when I enter your home’: Man calls out Diptyque candles and other ‘monoculture’ apartment items he judges you for

‘I may lose friends over this’


Amara Thomas


TikToker Drake Pooley (@drakepooley) is judging you! 

In a viral video, he shares a list of popular home decor items he deems worth judging you for. He claims that many of the “monoculture” items he highlights are devoid of personality and don’t tell your guest much about who you are.

“I want to know something about you when I enter your home,” he says. 

He starts his list with the Tom Ford coffee table book, a catalog of Tom Ford’s design work for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004. This coffee table book has been seen in many influencers’ and lifestyle bloggers’ homes. “I think this coffee table book may have made Tom Ford more money than he’s ever done in his fashion career,” Pooley comments. 

He argues no more Amazon Wall Art, which typically includes colorless reproductions of Henri Matise and Picasso artworks. Pooley says “I have zero qualms about cheap art,” and offers an alternative to finding fun affordable art. “Go to the National Gallery of Art and find something that doesn’t have any royalties on it and go print it out.” 

If you have “Aesop everything” Pooley says he’s also judging you. Aesop is a luxury cosmetics brand known for its high price points and aesthetically pleasing branding. Aesop soaps can be found in the bathrooms of fancy restaurants and celebrity homes. 

Pooley argues, “If literally everything that could be in your home is Aesop you just fell straight for the marketing.” He claims that Aesop is “not the best,” and warns viewers, “Don’t just buy it because the stores are really aesthetic.” 

He explains the same can be said for the popular Diptyque’s Baies candle. The Baies candle is Lebron James’s favorite scent, the candle burning in Ritz-Carlton’s lobby and was Harry and Meghan’s wedding scent, according to Mecca. Pooley says “Diptyque has so many good candles, if this is the only one you are buying, I am wondering why?” 

This video has 1.9 million views and thousands of comments. Many viewers agreed with Pooley’s claims and even added to his list. “That Tom Ford coffee table book makes me sick,” one viewer commented. Another added, “You forgot the Hermes throw.” To which Pooley responded, “I almost included this.” While some viewers felt Pooley’s words hit close to home. 

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“Wow, I feel judged. I own the Tom Ford book and Diptyque candles,” one shared. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Drake Pooley for comment via email. 

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