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‘This happens way more often than people realize’: Woman says Delta couldn’t find her ticket number, forced her to buy a new one

‘When I have flight issues, it’s always Delta. So you aren’t alone.’


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In recent years, Delta Airlines has come under fire from customers who are sharing their negative experiences with the airline on social media.

From an alleged data breach to stacked delays and missed flights, passengers have shared many of the ways they have found the airline lacking.

In the latest installment of customer experiences shared online, a TikTok content creator says she had to book an entirely separate ticket for her international flight home from Athens, Greece, after the airline lost her business class ticket that cost thousands.

When she got up to the gate to board her flight, she says Delta Airlines staff were unable to locate her ticket number or any information regulated to her flight confirmation. Her husband’s ticket, however, was completely fine.

Delta Airlines’ ticket mishap

In a nine-minute video posted to TikTok, hairdresser and content creator Tori Elyse (@imtorielyse on TikTok) says she was told that the issue likely occurred on the backend of the airline’s service platform and not any error on her part, but that she will ultimately have to purchase another ticket outright to get on the plane as she was scheduled to.

“We see your name, but we don’t have a ticket number for you, and if we don’t have a ticket number for you, we can’t get you on the flight,” she says she was told by Delta employees. “I’m like, ‘Hmm, well our flight takes off in 45 minutes and I paid for this flight. My husband and I are flying together, like his flight and everything was fine. I need you guys to get me on this flight, like this is pretty crazy.’”

She says she did end up purchasing the ticket, expecting that she would be refunded for the business class seat she had previously paid for. Once she returned stateside, she found her returning flight had also been changed to an earlier one than the flight she and her husband had originally booked.

When she got to the green for her new flight, she says that her boarding pass, which was printed by airline staff in Athens, Greece, was red flagged. Another passenger’s name popped up when it was scanned.

“They’re like, how did you get this ticket?” she says. “‘You’re not on this flight, you’re on the next flight,’ literally acting like I made this ticket up. I’m like, you guys, I have this printed by your staff, someone that works for your airline. I didn’t just come here and make this up and I’m trying to get on a flight. This is what was printed and given to me.”

She says she was eventually allowed to board the plane on standby, only to arrive and find that their bags had remained in the airport where she and her husband had boarded their connecting flights home.

“I know a lot of people like Delta Airlines and haven’t had problems before, but I have never experienced anything more chaotic, awful, than this,” she says. “Not only am I thousands and thousands of dollars out of pocket, but the way that the whole situation was handled was absolutely horrible torture you guys.”

@imtorielyse I normally never post things like this.. but I had to share this with you guys because WTF. My flight home from Europe yesterday was an absolute NIGHTMARE. Thousands down the tubes. I am still in shock with @delta #deltaairlines #delta ♬ original sound – Imtorielyse 🥀

The Daily Dot has reached out to Tori via comment on the video and direct message on TikTok, as well as Delta Airlines via email regarding the video.

Commenters’ potential solutions

Many viewers hoped that the attention received online from Tori’s video, which drew over half a million views, would prompt swift action from the airline.

“A tip to get this resolved: when you call, don’t ask for the customer service department,” one commenter wrote. “Ask for the PR department. Tell them you have 139K followers waiting on an update.”

“Delta needs to do a lot more than just refund your money,” another insisted. “This is insane. I’m hoping that you will get compensated generously.”

“Delta needs to pony up her refund ASAP!” a further user commented. “So unacceptable to treat someone like that so sorry you had to go through that.”

Others shared their own experiences with the airline, writing that they and friends of theirs had similar issues.

“This happened to a friend of mine,” one commented. “Turns out they lied to her just to make her pay for another ticket KNOWING she would bc she has to get back home. She got a lawyer on the case & they payed her back.”

“Delta cancelled our flight and rescheduled it 3xs in another country, then they put my husband & I on different flights on the way home hours apart,” another wrote. “Luckily were able to get on the same flight tho.”

“They’ve done this to me so many times- the trauma from it while having my two year old will be talked about it my obituary,” a third added. “Lol so chaotic!”

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