Daycare worker says parent was upset kid's first steps was at daycare

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‘They’re here all the time, they’re gonna do firsts that you’re not gonna see’: Daycare worker shares PSA after parent was upset she missed kid’s first steps

‘They have to prepare to miss some things.’


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Kids tend to move and grow at an exceptional rate—especially between the ages of 1 to 2 years old—and as one former daycare worker found out, sharing these growths with parents may be tricky.

TikTok creator and former daycare employee Noemi (@ohnonoemi) shared a viral TikTok where she says a parent got upset when she was told that her kid’s first steps were at daycare.

@ohnonoemi #stitch with @Annalee ♬ original sound – Noemi

Noemi (@ohnonoemi) goes on a storytime discussion about how she used to work at a daycare in the infancy room for two years. At the beginning of the video, Noemi stitches a clip from another TikTok video of a mother sharing a PSA.

The text overlay on the original video reads, “Just FYI if you see a baby take their first steps and the mom isn’t around…no you didn’t.”

Noemi cuts in on the video expressing how daycare kids are there all day, so it’s only natural that they will experience “firsts” at the daycare.

“Especially if they are seeing their little friends also walking,” Noemi explains. “If they see them doing that it also helps them progress faster.”

She later explains how she told a mother that her baby took “a couple of steps” and the mother immediately got upset and took her baby and complained to management about “training staff” better to the mother’s regard.

In Noemi’s (@ohnonoemi) defense, kids progress faster in the daycare system, and she vocalized how she will not deny an infant’s progression.

The video has grossed over 1.7 million views and 191,000 likes as of Sunday, showcasing the strong attention on this topic between parents and the daycare system.

Many viewers shared their viewpoints and experience working with parents sharing news of “firsts.”

“I had a mom tell me ‘she started walking this weekend!’ and had to act surprised even though she had been walking for a month in daycare,” commented one viewer.

“My son’s daycare tells you and then puts it in a little monthly newsletter when the kids have new skills,” another user wrote.

Other viewers suggested that parents should be more vocal about what they want to know involving their child in daycare.

“Parents need to be upfront on what they want to know and also, how long their child will be at daycare. They have to prepare to miss some things,” expressed one viewer.

Some, however, thought that daycare workers should never ruin ‘first’ moments for the parent.

“But why would you ruin that moment for them,” shared another viewer.

The Daily Dot reached out to Noemi (@ohnonoemi) via TikTok comment.

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