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‘Can you do something about the bees?’: Server says customers insisted on sitting outside. Then they asked her if she could take care of the bees

‘If I were that powerful, I would not be here.’


Brooke Sjoberg


Sometimes, silly requests from customers can only be met with silliness from servers and waitstaff—at least, when they recover from their day of being bamboozled by strange asks.

Whether customers are asking for recommendations that they will not take, or for their drink to be shaken a specifically high number of times, some folks have weird requests of their servers at restaurants.

One server said she had a table of customers specifically ask if they could sit outside, but expected her to handle the population of bees outdoors.

In the video posted to TikTok by Julia (@juliafalalala), she uses sarcasm to cope with this specific request as she processes the situation after the fact.

“The other day one of my tables was like can we sit outside,” she says in the video. “I said, ‘Follow me babe.’ You know what it’s like out there, it’s a good time, let’s go. Then like 20 minutes later, they flagged me down and said, ‘Can you do something about the bees?’”



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Julia then pulls out the sarcasm.

“They must have somehow known that I was a bee expert,” she says. “I pulled out my flute, I played the flute, and all the bees follow me back into the building where they belong. For some reason, we forgot to let our bees back in. We let them out to pee and we forgot to bring them back in into their cages.”

The images conjured by her Pied Piper analogy resonated with viewers, who wrote that they appreciated her description.

“It’s the flute action for me,” one commenter wrote.

“I looovvveee this type of humor,” another added.

“This delivery was perfect and I am so sorry that happened,” a third user said.

Some viewers shared that they had fielded similarly wild requests in their work serving customers, or had heard of others having them.

“My cousin complained that in Germany they told their servers about the bees and they said ‘yes…it is their home,’” one commented.

“I worked at a beach bar in Louisiana and people wanted me to do something about the mosquitoes,” another shared. “If I were that powerful, I would not be here.”

“A table once asked me if i could bring the deer out to the field so they could watch them while they eat,” a further commenter said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Julia regarding the video via Instagram direct message.

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