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‘There’s nobody in the kitchen’: Server says customer snuck into restaurant’s back door 1 hour after closing. She didn’t leave empty handed

‘Who in their right mind goes through the back door!?!’


Marlin Ramos


Customers usually understand that if a restaurant’s front door is locked, that means it’s closed and not accepting customers. However, that isn’t very clear to one customer as this TikToker explains.

In the video, Marianne ( tells us about a stressful closing shift due to one customer. They explain that their restaurant usually closes at 4pm on Sundays. A customer walks into their restaurant at 4:50pm as the employees are mopping and insists that her take-out order be taken. Marianne realizes that she must have snuck in through the back door because the front door was already locked.

After Marianne explained to her that their staff can no longer prepare any take-out orders, the customer mentioned that she called earlier and someone said they would be able to get their order if they arrived within the next hour. The customer showed Marianne her call log and she called the store at 2:35pm. Therefore, the current time of 4:50pm was well after the window of time promised.

Eventually, Marianne’s manager comes to speak with the customer. The customer mentions that she wants to buy some cake. The manager says that they can’t sell her the cake on display because it’s already wrapped but that she can have some of the pieces in the fridge that usually sell for a cheaper price for free.

“I get why you gotta do what you gotta do to get her out of there, way to make me just look like the biggest freaking b*tch for no reason,” she says. “Like, he gave her cake for free while I was like, get out, get out, get out! So that was really infuriating. That was really, really, really infuriating. So not a happy ending at all.”

The video has over 1,600 comments and 1.2 million views as of Saturday. Honestly still mad about it lol #fyp #serverlife #storytime ♬ original sound – Marianne 🍸

Viewers take Marianne’s side

People in the comments section agreed with Marianne that the customer’s actions were frustrating and that the manager should have been on her side.

“I’m a server and hateeeee when a manager gives free food or a comp after I just basically argued with the customer abt it,” said one comment.

“Who in their right mind goes through the back door!?!?,” read another.

“When a manager comes and contradicts me in front of a customer i want to quit right then and there,” states another.

“Why are people so entitled? Sorry this happened to you,” sympathizes another.

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