Server says customer ordered 2 margaritas for 16-year-olds

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‘I could just be done for’: Server says customer ordered margaritas for 16-year-olds

'They're frozen.'


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Posted on Mar 5, 2024   Updated on Mar 5, 2024, 4:31 am CST

A server posted a viral storytime video on TikTok about a customer who ordered margaritas for teenage girls. 

Carissa (@carissaadanielle) has reached over 4.8 million views on 540,000 likes on her video by Monday afternoon.

Carissa explains that she was serving a table of two sets of parents and three girls. When she first arrives at their table, she notices the girls already have drinks in front of them. 

“These girls, don’t look a day over 16 years old, have drinks in front of them, they’re frozen,” she says. “OK they’re probably like virgin daiquiris or something … I’m used to do that,” Carissa says was her first thought.

At this point, Carissa says some of the adults at the table are getting up and walking around the restaurant: “We have live music, it’s kinda like that kind of vibe.” 

She says one of the husbands orders two frozen margaritas from her. “I’m assuming it’s for his wife, like I have nothing to think like suspiciously at this point.” 

Carissa admits she was busy running around waiting tables and just figured “he has his wife there, she’s just not at the table right now.” 

Once bringing the drinks over and then serving a few other customers, Carissa says she returns to the table and sees that the new drinks are sitting in front of the other husband and wife. The man then orders another two margaritas.

Not thinking anything of it, she comes back with the margaritas. This time she says it’s starting to slow down at the restaurant. “I notice that the drinks are now sitting in front of the girls,” Carissa says.

“They’re already like halfway gone so I’m not gonna … say anything,” she adds. 

But, the next time Carissa makes her way around to the table, she says the man orders another round of margaritas. 

“At that point I’m like, OK I know exactly what’s going on here. Uhh no ma’am.” 

Carissa says she walks into the back office of the restaurant immediately, because “all three of my managers were there including the owner of the restaurant.” 

“I’m not losing my job because you want your 16-year-old daughter to drink, OK?” she says. 

“We could lose our liquor license, any of my managers could walk by at any moment and I could just be done for, like, no.” 

After telling her manager about the issue, Carissa says they began walking around the restaurant.

Eventually when Carissa comes back to the table, she says she asked the table, “Oh, like my manager was over here, like are you guys OK?” 

She says the man responds, “Yeah, she said we can’t order anymore drinks anymore.”

Next she says he looks at her and adds, “I wonder who ratted us out, like, I don’t think it was you.”

“I was like, so you’re really … just gonna … tell me that you knew exactly what you were doing?” Carissa thought, “I was like, bro.” 

Viewers in the comment section tell Carissa they agree with her and that being a server can be a difficult job.

One comment with over 38,000 likes says, “Being a server is literally…an experience.” 


grwm with a little storytime from work last night 🫠

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“When someone says “I had a horrible shift at work last night” I always know it’s a server job…” another says.

One viewer asked Carissa, “Just curious, in Texas if you’re a minor and you’re with your parent, it’s legal to drink. Is that not like that where you are?”

“Nope,” Carissa responded.

Carissa did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot via email. 

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*First Published: Mar 5, 2024, 6:00 am CST