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‘I can’t believe how many people ordered 30 count nuggets’: Customer listens in on Chick-fil-A worker communications using walkie talkie

'The way I could listen to this all day.'


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Posted on Dec 19, 2023   Updated on Dec 19, 2023, 4:44 pm CST

A radio enthusiast gave TikTokers a behind-the-scenes look at how Chick-fil-A team members communicate by eavesdropping on them via a walkie talkie.

Since walkie talkies use radio frequencies to communicate—as long as you’ve got a device set to the same channel/wavelength as another group of walkie users—you can eavesdrop on the conversations of other walkie talkie users.

That’s exactly what TikToker @mister_twister_55 did after becoming curious about how Chick-fil-A workers communicate during a shift.

@mister_twister_55 recorded the conversation and posted it to TikTok, where it’s accrued over 3.4 million views. “Busy day at Chick Fila,” the TikToker wrote in a text overlay.

In the video, the TikToker sits in their car, walkie talkie in hand, while they scan and listen in.

There are a few takeaways that can be gleaned from @mister_twister_55’s clip: The 30-count chicken nuggets are pretty popular, and employees like to use the phrase “heard” instead of “copy” whenever they want to confirm they received a transmission.

And if you thought you could get a discount on your order just because it’s your birthday, you’re out of luck.

“Just a gentle reminder, again, we gotta be asking for sauces. It’s a big part of our guests’ meal. Can I get a heard?” a manager says on the line.

Another voice chimes in. “Heard,” they say, confirming that they’ve received the reminder.

“Do we have any birthday discounts?” someone else asks.

“We do not. No,” another worker responds.

Another focal point of the video is the 30-count nugget.

“30-count nugget coming up,” one of the worker says.

“I got 30 counts coming,” another says.

Another customer later seemingly ordered another 30-count nugget.

“30 count,” one of the workers announces.

“30 count’s coming,” another says.

“30 count-nugget coming up,” a third says.


I can’t believe how many people ordered 30 count nuggets while we waited

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Viewers commented on the “professionalism” the workers displayed. @mister_twister_55’s video is a candid glimpse into the variety of requests that pop up in such a short amount of time and how clear and direct team communication is an asset in a fast-paced environment.

“I’m so impressed by everyone’s professionalism,” @costcocouture praised.

“The nicest restaurant crew ever,” @liftingonaprayer added.

“Can we just appreciate they are actually working as a team and filling customer wants best they can. Unlike other fast food chains…” another said.

For one TikToker, they just loved how seriously the manager took getting customers their sauces. “The sauce comment is the reason why I continue to eat there,” they shared.

Other Chick-fil-A customers would probably agree about the importance of sauce with their meal, even if they did wish their locations weren’t so stingy about the number of sauces they get.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chick-fil-A via email and to @mister_twister_55 via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Dec 19, 2023, 11:00 pm CST