Women gets a dozen Texas Roadhouse rolls for $5

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‘They already come with the butter’: Customer gets a dozen Texas Roadhouse rolls for $5

‘I did not need to know this.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral TikTok, a woman reveals a little-known Texas Roadhouse menu item—that you can order a dozen of their famous rolls for just $5.

In the video, Christina (@collectivelychristina) says she “doesn’t know who needs to not know about this” and shares that viewers can buy Texas Roadhouse rolls straight from the restaurant and they come with the chain’s fan-favorite cinnamon butter.

She said she bought a dozen rolls for $5 and shows that they came in a white box with the Texas Roadhouse logo on it and a generous side portion of the sweet butter.

Texas Roadhouse rolls are widely beloved, known for their fluffy texture and buttery flavor. Unlike other restaurants that offer regular butter with their bread, the Texas restaurant chain offers guests a sweet and savory cinnamon or honey butter to go with the rolls. There are even copycat recipes of both the rolls and the butter flavors available online.

“I did not need to know this,” Christina says.

The viral video has a stunning 12.9 million views with more than 12,000 comments—many from fellow Texas Roadhouse fans. “T R O U B LE,” she writes in the caption alongside the hashtag #breadislife.

One commenter joked that this is the meal prep video they’ve been waiting for.

“I work at roadhouse! just call ahead and place a togo order for rolls. or come in and ask a host and they might just give them to you for free,” an employee said.

Customers who watched Christina’s video are having varying degrees of success buying the rolls.

“I just tried to order on the app and it says the rolls are currently unavailable!” one person lamented.

Another said at their local Texas Roadhouse they sell “1/2 dozen for $2.70 and 1 dozen for $5.40! they already come with the butter you don’t have to order extra unless you want too!”

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“I tried and they won’t sell them to us!,” a commenter wrote. Another was able to get them, but they came in “one of those big silver leftover tins.”

A final person offered a hit-or-miss approach.

“You could just walk in crying from a horrible day and they’ll just give ‘em to you… worked for me,” the person shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Christina and Texas Roadhouse.

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