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‘Didn’t need to be replaced’: Viewers divided after customer berates mechanics for overcharging him

‘That’s why you make some investigation before taking or putting sheez you dont need.’


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A TikToker recently went viral when he posted a video berating a mechanic for allegedly overcharging him for repairs.

Unknown (@unknowbplayer98) garnered over 335,000 views as of publication when he posted his video calling out a mechanic shop in Maryland.

During the 38-second clip, Unknown yells at two mechanics as they sit behind the counter.

“I took this sh*t to my mechanic and … certain sh*t didn’t need to be replaced, but I still replaced it bro,” he said. “This motherf*cker right here is a scammer. For real, bro.”

How do I avoid being scammed?

Getting scammed by a mechanic is fairly easy. Most of us don’t know anything about cars and trust that anything we get repaired is needed. Luckily, there are some simple steps people can take to avoid getting overcharged during a repair.

A WKYC studios article lists three ways to keep from getting scammed. First, have everything written down. Get written estimates with clear payments, ask to see the purchase order to make sure you’re being charged fairly for any needed parts, and make sure that the new parts are warrantied.

Secondly, don’t get sucked into extra repairs. Make sure only the repairs you want to make are made. Otherwise, you may come to pick up your car and find charges for additional services that you didn’t even contemplate originally. Lastly, look at the labor costs. According to the report, some mechanics will charge people twice if they have to remove a part to be able to reach the area that needs repairs.


Scammers , Dont do business here @perfectauto beltsville MD

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Multiple viewers took Unknown’s side in the dispute.

“Thats why I learned to work on my cars been working on my cars since 14 im 37 now,” one viewer wrote.

“Honest mechanic are hard to find and when [you] find one that get [too] busy they then slowly become dishonest,” a second added.

Others disagreed with his behavior and suggested that he go to another mechanic.

“If you have a mechanic why take it there,” one questioned.

“That’s why you make some investigation before taking or putting sheez you dont need,” a second said.

Unknown isn’t the only one to go viral after accusing mechanics of being scammers. One woman garnered over 3.4 million views when she not only declared that mechanics were overcharging her $650 for a new mirror but also filmed herself replacing the mirror herself for much cheaper.

The Daily Dot reached out to Unknown via TikTok comments and Perfect Auto Repair and Tire via email for further information.

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