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‘You’re paying $3 more just simply because they sliced it for you’: Costco, Sam’s Club shopper shares hack to getting deli meat for cheaper

'You can buy it in bulk and take the receipt with you to the deli and they will slice it for free.'


Eric Webb


Posted on Jun 15, 2023

OK bargain hunters, here’s a hot tip about cold cuts. TikTok creator Jenn (@jenni-abs3) posted a cost comparison for deli meat at Costco and Sam’s Club. The video has more than 224,000 likes and 3.1 million views.

@jenniabs3 @Costco Wholesale vs @Sam’s Club sandwich meat edition. sams club wins this one by about .24 cents #bulkmeat ♬ original sound – Jenni-abs

“​​This is the reason why I buy my meat in bulk and just slice it myself at home,” Jenn said at the beginning of the video.

Her first stop is Costco, where Jenn found that buying unsliced turkey breast in bulk cost $4.79 per pound. Meanwhile, the pre-sliced package of turkey cost $7.99 per pound.

“You’re paying $3 more just simply because they sliced it for you. No thank you, friend. I’ll go with the bulk buy,” Jenn said.

Next up, deli meat at Sam’s Club, where a slab of turkey cost $4.56 per pound. The pre-sliced meat next to it, however, worked out to about $9.48 per pound.

Jenn wrote in the caption, “Sams club wins this one by about .24 cents.”

“Yes, I know it’s annoying, but I have a commercial-grade meat slicer,” she said, addressing commenters who claim that it’s too much trouble to buy the bulk option. The creator also explained that she portions some sliced deli meat in the refrigerator to use for sandwiches, and she freezes the rest. Jenn even made a follow-up video explaining her freezing process, which involves vacuum-sealed bags.

According to U.S. News & World Report, there are many pros and cons to buying in bulk beyond the cost savings. And Jenn isn’t the first TikToker to point out the benefits of buying items in bulk.

A Costco shopper recently shared secret price codes to save money, while a Sam’s Club customer said it’s cheaper to eat there than to buy groceries.

Many commenters jumped into the comment section of Jenn’s post about deli meat with additional tips of their own.

“PSA as someone who worked in a deli for 4 years, you can buy it in bulk and take the receipt with you to the deli and they will slice it for free,” a comment read.

“The entire point is you will save money ~over time. It adds up, thanks for showing this,” another said.

“I have a meat slicer and I have been doing this for awhile and splitting the cost with friends!” one viewer wrote.

“I don’t even slice it. I just end up taking bites until it’s all eaten,” someone else chimed in. 

But at least one commenter wasn’t sold, arguing that the additional few dollars for pre-sliced deli meat was worth it. “Paying more for convenience. Convenience my friend.”

When emailed by the Daily Dot for comment, Jenn offered a simple reason for making videos like these. “I just like to share my grocery cost saving tips!” she said.

The Dot also emailed Costco and Sam’s Club and did not receive immediate responses.

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*First Published: Jun 15, 2023, 2:51 pm CDT